You've probably heard or read it dozens of times before, and you know what... IT'S TRUE! Gifting is, without a doubt, the easiest and quickest way to create wealth for you and your family.

Our Holiday gifting program is the very first and only real activity. It's also private and requires all future participants to be personally invited by a current, active member in order to join. 

This is to ensure that the privacy and integrity of the activity and its particpants are held with high regards.
In addition, our cash gifting program consists of 5 levels; $10,$25,$100,$250,$500 and is equipped with an 2x2 automated placement and tracking software system which places and keeps track of new participating members automatically after the admin fee is gifted; which is a very key component of a legitimate gifting program.

At registration, you'll have the ability of claiming your gifting spot instantly after the $10 admin fee is gifted. 

NOTE: This is a 100% honest gifting system.
That means you will never be skipped over or moved around like in an old fashioned manual placement systems where the admin can stack the boards you will be able to request board placement after the admin fee is gifted and will have the tools to actually see your spot This is the first of it's kind 100% automated honest gifting system that finally erased the stalling curse. '

Holiday Cash Blessings is a 2 x 2 true follow-me system Click Here

That means you will never lose your people in an old fashioned gifting board split. HCB allows you to begin building your gifting family (or team) right away, instead of forcing you to wait until your current board is filled. A 2x2 simply means everyone is arranged with two people frontline to them,3 levels deep. You receive four gifts from the entries on the 3rd level. 


 If you are in the receiving position at the top (position 1), your invitee may be placed anywhere on the board but you will only receive from the bottom row of this board across 4 slots .


No matter where you are on your board, you may receive what is called "spill over" from activity from members above you. Examples:

1. Your inviter invites a new person. If you are in one slot under them and the other slot next to you is filled, this new person will "spill over" to the next level following them directly under you. Since you receive from anyone three levels down from you, this helps you get gifted very quickly.

2. Anyone above you can cause spillover to fall below you if the seats are fillled.

Don't worry if your invitees are not up close and frontline to you when they click in because of spillover filling those seats. You will never lose your invitees and they will always be following you . The spillover just helps you receive more quickly and helps keep teams together as families - just like a genealogy tree.

Founding Entry Boost Click Here

The HDCB Founding entry is followed by everyone in the entire program because of the true follow system, like family genealogy. We are all part of the same family and all follow the Founding entry in order as we follow our inviters.

Since the Founding Entry is just like everyone else, it too fills and closes boards and must re-enter to continue the cycle. This entry has no inviter, so when it's time to re-enter, the system hunts for the first oldest board that needs help and places it there.

Yes the Founding Entry also sends a gift - just like everyone else! You could receive a gift from the Founders!

Then, everyone in the program is circled back around as they re-enter and follow their inviters who follow the Holiday Cash Blessings Founding entry. This is very powerful and gives you "help from below" to help you close and cycle your boards even faster. Added to the "spill over" above, you can see how powerful this system is.

HDBC was built and designed by gifters and has all the features and advantages you always wished for in a true "old fashioned" gifting program. We've simply added technology to enable you to easily track your progress and gifts.

Bypass or Roll Up to Upline Click Here

You can only be "Bypassed" if you are not on a Gifting Level that one of your Invitees clicks to join. This means whenever an Invitee clicks for Board Placement, the system hunts for you on that Gifting Level. If you are not on that level, the software will look UP to see if your Inviter is on that Level, and place your Invitee under him. This keeps the genealogy intact and familes together. The Invitee sees someone above him he is already familiar with and perhaps has even gifted, and knows he will still receive support and help and someone he can contact if needed. You will NEVER be bypassed if you are on a Gifting Level when your Invitee clicks in.

If your Inviter is also not on that Gifting Level, the software will continue looking up to your Inviter's inviter and on up until it finds someone in this "family" that is on that Gifting Level and will place him there with them.

Recapturing your team: Once you are able to click into the next level you will arrive following your inviter, perhaps even be next to your Invitee. But all is not lost. Now that you have an active board in that Gifting Level, when your Invitee clicks in to re-enter or clicks for an additional entry, he will be placed under you. Hence, you can always "recapture" your downline and bring your team together again.

Strategy - if you plan to remain active in a Gifting Level and the boards are filling fast, simply take one of your gifts and click for a new board in that same level. The system will fill your first board first, then go right on over to fill your next board(s) in order.

What if you don't want to enter that Gifting Level again? No problem. Your invitees stay together and the system will continue to fill your new and re-entering Invitees under their segments of the downline. For example, if an Invitee re-enters and your board is closed and he is already on that closed board, the system will fill UNDER HIM, so he is helping his downline and is building his own team underneath you.

Each gifter is expected to make contact with the Receiver as soon as they click onto a board and make arrangements to send the gift. If they send by cashapp or any other digital money app  etc you can confirm that it was received and Confirm them right away.

 Enjoy Toghether Success 

 I am a real person and reply to all emails in 24 hours!