- This traffic method I use is powerful. Read till the end take action and you will be successful.

Note: If for some reasons links do not work just hit your F5 key on your key board or refresh your page.

You no need to join all the programs I use in my strategy - you can pick and choose what you like - just check them all first then you join what you like - If you need help I am always available - I am a full time Internet Marketer.

If you take action I guarantee you that you will get a lot of traffic to your site and signups.

If I can do this, you can do this too!!

As a start If you want to build your personal list you need to have an auto responder were you create squeeze page.

If you don’t have auto responder yet you can get it now I use three of them below:

1) aaaResponder Click Here.

2) TEHB gives you 50k credits weekly Click Here

3) ZUKUL will give you Guaranteed Signups  Click Here


Get Paid To Invite Members To Join YouAccess Free System


1. Fast Traffic, Leads and List Builders

a- Best of ALL Just Click Here listen to this video, you will get LEADS and everything you need to succeed online

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e- Post Your ad for Free on CashBlurbs let other members help you post on their twitter and on their facebook Click Here 


2. Safe-Lists

You can sign up safelist sites and post your email ads. This method alone I am generating thousands of visitors to my site every single day.

You need to use Gmail to sign up safelist sites and promote your site. I have tested with my ads and those list of sites below are getting a lot of visitors.

Click Here to access the safe-list I use. 

You must test and track which site are sending you traffic, so you can concentrate working with those sites that work for you. My list works for me very well. ReferralFrenzy allows you to email over 90 safelist with a couple of clicks and automatically it tracks for you this is very good I recommend it. 

To see all the safelist I email with a couple of clicks on ReferralFrenzy Click Here

You can do this completely free without software or spend some money to use software.

Using a program you can work much faster.

I use this program called ReferralFrenzy. just see what you get and do for you. 

I am using ReferralFrenzy every day to read emails to earn credits and post ads on daily bases, ALL safelist I have are grouped together in IT!! I do them with just a couple of clicks Click Here to see them all!

RF will manage everything about safelist marketing.

In additionally I use SLGenie to create credits on all my safelist.

Note: when you write email ads you should use eye catching subject line. After you join safelist sites and getting ads in your inbox, you will see many different emails and you can learn what kind of ads are catching your eyes. you can copy and arrange it your own to write your ads.

Email body, I found short email works better than long email ads. You should write the ads in curious way and not give all the detail in email, make ad reader to click the link to find more detail, so they must click the link to find out what you have. Always good to include call to action work like “Click here” or “Click link below”. it will increase click through rate for your ads.

Safelist marketing is very powerful and many people who use safelist are interested in making money online. I found that they are very active and responsive leads.

I also use Ultisend In Viral Mail Profits - There Is A major reason why I recommend you should email with (VMP) Ultisend to see -  Click Here

3. Traffic exchange

You need to surf with good traffic exchange sites.

Click here to access the list.

I use software called TrafficBrowser and you can use this software as a free member.

Using the software can surf very fast and you can generate a lot of free traffic from this software.

I use use ClixTrac to track my work with sites to see which ones are bringing traffic and sign ups.

It is very important to find out good site to promote and dropping none working site so you can spend more time for working sites.

Surf as many hours as you can a day. More you do, you will get more traffic.

By doing any or the 3 steps above will bring you 150k free hits to your site a month easily.


4Advertise-For-Money It Pays

Advertise-For-Money Pays (AFM) is a paid & free traffic method, however, this is the best traffic method so far.

In the beginning you can earn FREE or need to buy credit packs to start getting traffic to your site with Tri-Ads and you will cycle every 10 days guaranteed - but after a while you can buy more credit packs from your profit share earning so your advertising cost will be free.

You can make money without referrals with Tri-Ads.

Since I started this method I am making money from revenue share and each time I buy credit pack from my earning I can get more credits to promote my sites or affiliate links.

Now my adverting at Tri-Ads become literally free.

You can get paid to promote your business and top of that Tri-Ads members have purchased credit packs already, so your are promoting your offers to buyers.

If you promote squeeze page on Tri-Ads, you can build very powerful buyer list, you can send solos to the entire membership.

It is very simple and easy to make money and get traffic with Tri-Ads. Even with Tri-AdsBux passive advertising and earnings.


5. My Paying Ads

My Paying Ads (MPA) is an advertising site that give members a profit share. This site ads are mostly banner ads. When you buy a share you will get credit to promote your offers.

First you should get some shares and when you can make more than $11 cash profit a day you can start buying PTC ads.

You can get 10,000 clicks for only $11. I have tested and conversion is amazing.

In the beginning you need to put some money to start but after a while you will make profit from MPA and using the profit to buy PTC ads. so your ads will be free in no time.

If You need referrals in your revenue shares programs here is the solution for you Click Here 

From my testing of cheap products i got this like $5 sell very well with this method. You should sell “make money online” or “traffic generation” related products. those niches convert very well.

You can use some affiliate network like Payspree and get paid directly in your PayPal account - I have two products that sell very well Click Here 

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I also use banner ads to advertise my products and you can create free banner Click Here.

Using banner ads to promote your site above in the Safelist or TrafficExcenges very good traffic source for you. 
Remember, once you apply methods above you will have huge amount of traffic daily, so you will never have a problem sending traffic to your site ever again.

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