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 Main Instructions  Action TEAM Power of Nine 30k in 30Ds 


Hello and welcome to Action TEAM instruction page,

My name is Danny the Leader of Action TEAM you are here because you signed up or are considering signing up with UA4S and this is your main instructions page

 Please save this website in your favorites folder. 

There is a list of things you need to do in order to set up your advertising system successfully and they are located below.
Please follow the instructions to the letter and start with link #1.
When you complete the tasks on that page please return to this page and move on to link #2.
Do not jump ahead because if you do, things will get confusing and you want to make sure you send info properly.
-ALL tasks are required please complete them in the proper order.

Tasks you need to complete:

1. FaceBook or Social Network Poster 

2. Sample Emails to Use 

3. Email to Send After They Have Seen the Video 

4. Email to Send to Welcome them When they Join Under You 

5. Email to Send After they Have Paid for 

6. Email to Send After Member Paid for 3 Positions 

7. Your Gmail Processor Alternative to Payza and Plus 

8. More Leads More Sales More Money  

9. Our NEW Compensation Plan You MUST SEE This

Again, please make sure you start with link #1, then link #2, and so on. If you do this, it will save you headaches!
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 Attention co-op members Very Important - Please READ: Those of you that are in our Action TEAM co-op be sure you check your back office under "Stats" to see if you received any new sign-ups today!   If you do have a new sign-up make sure you send that new signup email #4 from this page - and PIF them IF You have no funds emai me I wi PIF for YOU and for 3 positions under himself are optional  then send him email #5 from this page, the next day send email #6 from this page.    Very important that they know about our "Power of Nine" system!  Study full site with 1-8 items on this page.    If you choose to rebate one position, you can do so by requesting their PayPal email. Please note: you can rebate as many as you wish, the more people you rebate the faster we get to the 30k in 30Ds.
Rules to remain in the co-op: 

  1. You Can change the password on me in VirtualWealthSystem if you want I need to check for the hits.
  2. Cannot advertise the special link in auto surfers – remember that capture page goes to your links first.
  3. If you have your own Autoresponder TrafficWave or TeamEliteHomeBusiness I will set up that capture page in your AR for onetime fee of $5 send to this PP [email protected]
  4. You must know that the $4.51 for the coop is not so you seat back and collect is for me to purchase advertising – I need support more than money – if you have a good lead source let me know I will purchase under you there also, I am committed to make this work with or without you.
  5. You must get 400 hits per month to the link I give you or your links will be taken out of the rotator with no warnings – I need your support this is a TEAM work not one person work.

IMPORTANT: Please do not forget as soon as you have 3 members under any of your 3 positions you purchased – to let me know so you do not spend more than you after if you are PIF them - so we make room for the next person in the co-op – from that point on the only link that will remain in the co-op will be the main one as is a forced matrix.  The more people the faster we get to 30K in 30Ds.

 Advanced Settings 

I will add a section below for those who would like to automate their advertising system using an autoresponder. This will include how to set up your lead capture page and follow up emails.

Please check these pages often because I will update them.

To your success,
Action TEAM


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