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 Email to Send After Member Have Paid For the 3 Positions 


I send this after new member has paid for their 3 positions:


Hi there

Thanks again for following my instructions and have created your 3 positions


-At the time of this email I'm working on a generic website that you will be able to promote! This website will be unique for our team and out system!

We are all in this together and if we work it together then everyone has success! My goal is to have everyone in my Matrix to make the $30,000.00 on level four as soon as possible! From that point on the sky is the limit!

If you think you can work this alone fine do it, just advertise the 3 positions you have created under yourself only till you get 3 under each one of them and you are done, but now you also need to teach your DL to do the same - we are doing this togrther as a TEAM - you will get spill over from me as is a 3x5 forced matrix.

I advise you participate with us in our TEAM co-op where we together will make this work here is the co-op link

Please follow the instructions correctly so I will be able to set it up faster.


I have also created a website of useful information to send to your prospects as you get them please use it, is called: Action TEAM Power of Nine 30k in 30Ds

Save this website in your favorites



To our Success,


I have copied below an email I got from my sponsor and team leader only today, which I hope will answer your queries. Richard Trotter is 100% committed to this venture..... Read what he says......


"Hello Team,

as a team leader I'm very serious about this fantastic company. When I see a compensation plan and a price point that anyone can afford like "UniqueAdv4Sure" plus the fact that I can realistically get to a $30,000 to $1,000,000 commission in a very short period of time, I take it very serious! So serious that I'm taking out all the stops to make sure that I produce the tools and support for your success. Your success is my success! Believe me when I say if you walk away from this business or don't take it serious then you are literately making a million dollar mistake. It's like having a winning lottery ticket and throwing it away!

I have only been involved for 12 days and I have personally sponsored 28 people and my group has grown to over 100 positions. I'm closing in on my first $30,000 commissions. Once that happens I'm going to double down on developing the best tools and support system you have ever seen in this industry. I want to make sure that every single person that I sponsor gets to that $30,000.00 commission and beyond!

I will be adding more tools to our team website as fast as I can and I'm going to build a generic landing page you can send prospects to that will do all the talking for you. All you have to do is guide people to that site! Using the "Power of Nine" system all you really have to do is purchase three positions under your first position and pay it forward to nine people that will be placed under those three positions and you’re done! If you don't do another thing but sponsor four positions each month you can kick back and enjoy life. Qualifying four positions is very easy and as simple as paying $1.65 x 4 positions for someone or sending out emails and ads each month until you have four! I'm also going to be helping by giving away positions that I develop to those of you that need some help. I'm also going to have a going rotation system plus a co-op! Like I say your success is very important to me and your success is my success! "


I will add that the initial outlay is very small - just $4.95 for your first level positions. You will then PIF for a total of 9 people, but only as and when they join you, and that will only total $14.85. There are no monthly fees.


You can access the company site here and if you click on the 'Presentation' link you'll learn a lot more about this business BUT please do NOT sign up there as it is the company site - not mine. I'll send you my link when you request it. Here's that link: 


Join Our TEAM FB group 4 any Q

There's more info I can send so do contact me if that is what you would like.


Any other Questions I am here for you lets together make happen  

All the best,
Action TEAM
[email protected]



 Phase One 

 Level 1 Bronze Fee $1.65  3 x $1 = $3  Automatically cycles you to Level 2 

 Level 2 Silver   Fee $3.00   9 x $3 = $27 -- Keep $7    $20 cycles you to Level 3 

 Level 3 Gold    Fee $20     27 x $20 = $540 -- Keep $390 - $150 cycles to Level 4 

 Level 4 Ruby   Fee $150   81 x $150 = $12,150 -- Keep $10,000 ($1.65 cycles you back into Phase One.  $165 cycles you to Phase Two) 

 Phase Two 

 Level 1 Bronze  Fee $165  3 x $100 = $300 Automatically Cycles you to Level 2 

 Level 2 Silver Fee $300   9 x $300 = $2,700 - Keep $700 - $2000 Cycles you to Level 3 

 Level 3 Gold  Fee $2,000  27 x $2,000 = $54,000 - Keep $24,000 - $30,000 Cycles to level 4 

 Level 4 Ruby Fee $30,000 81 x $30,000 = $2,430,000! 

 ***Founder’s receive their same bonuses, millionaire member gets $1,000,000 +car ($80,000) + 10 positions in levels 2,3, 4(Phase One) and 10 positions in levels 1, 2(Phase Two). We support our mission to serve humanity! 

 ***Pro Members can purchase Phase Two’s $165 level but must be Phase One members first. 

 This will be implemented AFTER the shutdown (July 4 - 5



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