Grocery startup I Deliverr becomes London's newest startup

I Deliverr, a startup that delivers groceries and non-perishables products across London, its fight against rivals Uber Eats, Amazon and hyperlocal startups Deliveroo.

The company, which offers more than 1,000 products from various stores in London, Surrey, Kent & Middlesex areas. The organisation also plans to add 3,000 vending machines that render daily nutritious items, such as vegetables, snacks as well as cold drinks in residential blocks and offices by next month, he added.

Kenneth Stuart largely brushed off the challenge his company faces from UberEats, Deliveroo, Eat and Amazon Prime at this stage, saying that "it is a huge market, and it is unlikely to be controlled by one single company for the single reason of its complex nature." Deliveroo and UberEats may finally get serious about this space, but so far their play with groceries is mostly a supplementary differentiation checkpoint, he said.

"The conclusion in this business requires having the capacity to build and manage a very complex supply chain across complicated categories such as vegetables, meat and beauty products amongst others. Our focus has been on developing the supply chain, and also guaranteeing that we can deliver an extensive assortment of products to consumers," he added. He said I Deliverr will be the most extensive catalogue and fastest delivery among any of its rivals.

Besides, I Deliverr, which is growing its subscription contracts to supply milk and other daily eatables, is also inching closer to maturing financially. Kenneth said I Deliverr expects to become operationally beneficial in six to eight months time. "The idea is that company by itself does not waste cash. If we use the cash, it will be for financing in new businesses or scaling of existing businesses," he said.

The challenge for I Deliverr remains fighting a growing army of rivals, including hyperlocal delivery startups including Deliveroo and UberEats.
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