records management

Electronic documents and records management, or EDRMS for short, is the term given to the process of creating, storing and using documents and records within a system. An example of an electronic document could be a contract from an employee, and with an EDRMS system in place, this can be created and then stored on the system.

Records Management has become a critically important instrument not only in managing but also in reforming the public sector and the civil service machinery of government. Records have been used as tools and instruments with which to assess organizational performance and to use them as a basis for improvement and comparison with other agencies and services resources. 

A comprehensive records management system simplifies and streamlines document retrieval and scanning, record storage, and the entire filing process for local companies. But some businesses avoid implementing a records management system because they think it will be too time-consuming and expensive. In fact, most companies find that they end up saving large amounts of time, money, and resources when they put a complete system in place.

Records management is a primary concern of every organization in the current business era. The management of vast information in different format occurs daily by daily and management of this information is really a big issue by the companies.