Chews a Puppy

Most people think that the easiest way to train a puppy is to walk them around and reward when they do something right, but in reality, it's more complicated than that. They have some basic cues that they will start to associate with certain behaviours.

You also want to train your dog not to make noise or run away when they feel like it, but there are times when you won't be able to get in those different situations because of the leash or the sudden changes in your dog's personality. Here's how to Chew a Puppy, it's important to keep your dog happy.

Chews A Puppy specializes in a wide selection of different breeds of hand-selected, purebred and designer mixed breed puppies from breeders around the country. Whether you are looking for a family pet that is good with children, a quiet breed for a senior citizen, a small breed that can be litter box trained, a large breed for home/business protection, a non-shedding, hypo-allergenic breed, a companion to jog with, or maybe you have never had a dog before, our staff is available seven days a week by phone, e-mail, or in person at our facility to help you choose the right breed and the right puppy to fit your lifestyle.