Hard Skin removal

Many women who have cracked heels suffer from an aversion to wearing high heels. But are there treatments for cracked heels? Should women just leave their cracked heels until it heals? Footdefend is a product that is antibacterial-antifungal-antiviral and Very helpful for Hard Skin Removal

Although most likely there is no chance of ever healing a cracked heel, there are some things you can do in order to relieve your foot pain while avoiding the surgical option of a full-blown orthopaedic surgeon. These include some basic techniques to keep your feet dry and cool as well as simple habits like not using water when getting out of the pool or going jogging.

Another excellent way to keep your cracked heels from increasing in size and causing you discomfort is to avoid exercising. When it comes to exercising your feet, it is a good idea to wear dress shoes or at least a smaller and more manageable pair. Even the best of athletes realize that wearing flats or orthopaedic shoes with plenty of room to walk is better than uncomfortable footwear like basketball shoes.