11 Best Free Movie Downloads Sites to Download Movies Legally

There are two types of people: One who likes to watch movies online and other ones those who like to download movies so they can watch offline later. There is no doubt that online streaming websites are getting more and more mainstream than downloading movies. But still, there is a huge population who like to watch movies offline on their term. There are many benefits to downloading a movie and watching offline. For example, many people in the metro cities spend good 3-4 hours daily commuting from home to their workplace. Most of the time there is no Wi-Fi to surf the internet or streaming something online. In that situation, downloading a move beforehand and watching them during the commute makes the commute much more pleasant. There are other benefits as well like if you live in an area where the internet speed is not adequate for online streaming, or you like to store films on physical storage so that you can access anytime and 1movies. No matter what is your motive behind downloading a movie, it is very hard to find decent movie download sites that are free and safe.

It is a misconception we have that downloading a free movie is illegal. If you are downloading movies from legal websites, then there is no problem downloading. In this article, we will look into 11 best free movie download sites where you can free download movies legally.

Free Movies Downloads Sites legally
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11 Best Free Movie Download Sites To Download Free Movies Online Legally
1. YouTube
YouTube free movie download
YouTube not only the biggest platform to share videos, but it is also a great free movie website to either download or stream movies online. On YouTube, if you dig properly, you can find thousands of cinemas available for both offline and online consumption. YouTube has many playlists for films, and if you can search through you can find many playlists dedicated to free films only. One of the easiest ways to find a full-length movie is typing in the movie name following by keywords like ‘”full movie,” “full-length” etc. Also makes sure you check the duration of the video just to be clear.

As I said earlier, YouTube has many playlists dedicated to free movies only. Here are a few of my favorite playlists where you can download free movies on YouTube: Full Length Movie Playlist, Movies (full length), Vevo Movies playlist and Paramount Vault.

The process to download movies from YouTube is also not that hard. You can either use the offline feature that is available on the YouTube app for Android and iOS to download films to the app and watch offline. Or you can use sites like Clipconverter.cc to download full movies free onto your computer and smartphone storage.

No matter if you are looking to download cinemas free or watch online, YouTube should be the first website to check for legal contents.

2. Internet Archive
Archive.org- legal free movie downlosd sites 
Internet Archive is a non-profit organization which aims to preserve the massive digital contents we have currently for the future generation. It is like a history book for all of our internet contents. It stores all kind of digital contents we have including cinemas, TV series, Audio, Images, Software and more. On Internet Archive websites you can download movies from many popular genres for free. Internet Archive is best for discovering little known classic movies to movies which have won numerous awards.

All the films yo find on the Internet Archive is free and legal for anybody to download and watch. The Internet Archive offers many download options including torrent, direct mp4 download link and OGG among others. The Internet Archive is one of the best free movies download sites where you can download movies for free without registration and in HD.

3. Sony Crackle
SonyCrackle - free movie download sites
Sony Crackle is a well-known name in this free movies download and streaming category. This site is been around here for a long period, and over the period of time, the cinema catalog on this platform has been increased by multiple folds. You can download free cinemas from many reputable production Houses. FOX Digital, Universal Studios, Lions Gate, Walt Disney, Paramount Pictures, Warner Bros, 20th Century Fox among other names. And being a streaming platform by Sony, it has almost all the films that are produced by Sony Entertainment Company.

Not just movies, Sony Crackle also hosts some of the most popular TV series and few Crackle Original shows like Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, Chosen, Sequestered and Angel of Death. Sony Crackle is basically a streaming service which is free and legal. But if use Sony Crackle app for Android and iOS you can take your favorite movies offline by downloading on the app.

4. Public Domain Torrents
PublicDomainTorrents- free films downloads
Public Domain Torrents is another popular free movie download sites which is legal. There is a misconception that torrents are illegal; it is not. Most torrent sites engage in piracy which is illegal. If a torrent website is only distributing legal contents, then there is nothing wrong with downloading free/paid movies or other content from torrent. Public Domain Torrent does the same, here all the available movies are either copyright-free or have been acquired legally.

It works like any other torrent site, so make sure you have a torrent client installed on your device before attempting to download. When you first open this free and legal site to download films, you notice that the website is very old school. Don’t let that demotivate you. It has a good number of movies that can be found by going to the appropriate categories which are again can be seen on the homepage. Public Domain Torrents offer many insights to every movie like release date, film duration, file size, file format, snapshots of the film, user comments(if there is any) among other information. This attention to small details makes this site among the top places where you can download movies free and legally.

5. Vimeo
Vimeo- website to download movie legally
Just like YouTube, Vimeo is also a popular video sharing and streaming platform for all kind of videos and films. You can find all kind of free movies here at Vimeo which you can watch for free. Most of the films are from independent creators who are unknown to masses. It is a great place to discover new artists, new cinemas and people who really cares about the art of cine production. Vimeo is free for all kind of movies and video streaming and downloading.

Vimeo doesn’t let you download movies directly. You need to use online video downloading tools like Clipconverter.cc to download free movies from Vimeo legally.

6. Netflix
Netflix- top free movie download site
The next website in this list of movie download sites is Netflix. Netflix is the most popular online website for online movies, TV series and documentaries. On Netflix, you can download unlimited movies in all popular categories and most popular languages. You can download movies from many countries, not just that Netflix also produce exclusive films and TV series for Netflix.com only.

Netflix is a paid platform everyone knows that, but if you have never used Netflix before, you can sign up for free for one month. In that one month, you get unrestricted access to all thousands of fimls and TV series available on this platform. Netflix is available on almost all kind of devices, but if you use it on Android and iOS, then you can take advantages of the offline feature to download and save films as well as TV series for offline viewing. If you use smartly, then Netflix can also become one of the best online websites where users can download movies for free.

7. Retrovision
RetroVision- free classic movies download
Retrovision is the perfect website to download free old classic movies legally. This website is dedicated to those golden cinemas from the 1930s and onward. You will find many classic movies in categories like adventure, comedy, crime, cartoons, drama, horror, Sci-Fi and others. The site has a simple UI with minimal information. To download a film, you will first have to play the movie then hit the download button to start downloading the film on to your computer or Android/iOS smartphone.

There is also an app called Classic UHF on the Play Store where you can watch and download free classic movies directly from the Retrovision. In conclusion, I can confidently tell that Retrovision is one of the best movie download sites to download all-time classic cinemas for free and legally.

8. Hotstar
Hotstar- Free Indian movie download 1080p
If you are into Bollywood/Indian cinemas, then Hotstar is one of the best 1080p Bollywood movies download sites for free. Hotstar is an online streaming platform much like Netflix but mostly for Indian films and TV series. Unlike Netflix, Hotstar allows both free and paid users. As a free user, you can download unlimited movies for free, but you will also have to watch a couple of ads.

Hotstar is available for almost all popular devices. But to download a film you will need to install their Hotstar mobile app for Android and iOS. That way you can download movies in HD for free on your smartphone and watch anywhere offline.

Note- Hotstar’s free content is geo-locked to India only. You should use VPN services like ExpressVPN to connect to an Indian server and access all the goodness of free Indian films.
9. The Roku Channel
The Roku Channel- download movies free
Roku is among the top online media players to make your TVs smart. On Roku, you can access hundreds of OTT services like Netflix and Amazon Prime in the form of channels. The Roku Channel is Roku’s own channel where you can watch/download thousands of ad-supported movies/TV series for free and legally. The Roku Channel despite being a free service, has movies and TV series from major production houses like Lionsgate, MGM, Paramount, Sony Pictures, Warner Bros., as well as contents from other OTT platforms like Popcornflix, Crackle, YuYu and more.

Roku is a huge streaming player brand and you know they have a reputation for looking after. That is why you see almost all the films are in 720P HD and above. No compromise in video quality there. If you own a Roku player for your TV, then The Roku Channels becomes one of the top downloading sites for movies free and legally.

10. Amazon Prime Video
Amazon Prime Video- online free movie download full HD
Amazon Prime Video is the biggest rivalry to Netflix, and that can be seen by the aggressive marketing done by the Amazon. Prime Video is adding more and more films every day; they have also invested a lot in creating original movies and TV series exclusively for Prime Video platform. Now on Amazon Prime Video, one can watch thousands of films in all different countries in most international languages.

Just like Netflix, this movies download platform is also a paid service with the first month is free. If you have never used Prime Video before, this is a great time to take that 30-days free trial to download unlimited movies in HD for free. If you find the service worth paying for then you can continue with the subscription, and if you didn’t like then you could cancel service, and you won’t be charged. To download movies from Amazon Prime Video, you need to use the Android or iOS app and use the download functionality there.