5 Tips for Choosing Blankets for Babies

congratulations on the birth of your little one in your arms. Its presence certainly gives a happy atmosphere in your home. Now it's time to give your child full attention. One of them is by giving your child the best care, including comfortable blankets. Although it seems trivial, if one chooses a blanket, the baby can also feel uncomfortable. Aside from that, if you want to look for a good blanket for yourself or for your partner, just check out the weighted blanket for adults.


Tips for choosing a baby blanket

1. Choose a blanket made from soft and friendly skin on the baby

The skin of a newborn baby is still very sensitive and easily injured. You can choose baby blankets made from soft materials such as cotton so as not to irritate the baby's skin.

2. Avoid blankets that have lots of furs

Sometimes moms buy baby blankets that have a lot of furs because they look crumpled when worn on small ones. However, experts advise not to choose a fleece blanket. Fur blankets have triggered allergies such as sneezing and shortness of breath and the feathers can fall to the baby's nose.

3. Choose a blanket that doesn't have many accessories

Although it looks cute and adorable, a blanket with lots of decorations such as ribbons, ropes or dolls attached to the blanket actually makes the baby uncomfortable while sleeping. You can just give the blanket when your little one is playing and awake. But when sleeping, you should replace your little blanket with a plain blanket without accessories. Ropes, ribbons, and toys attached to blankets can make a baby entangled in his neck while sleeping.

4. Choose a blanket that is warm but does not make children hot

One of the functions of a blanket is to give warmth to the baby. Therefore choose a blanket that makes the baby feel warm, but does not make it warm. We recommend that you choose one that is made from soft and has a small amount of air to get in and out.

5. Make sure it's quite light, so it won't be too heavy for your baby

As you can expect, there's no way that a newborn baby can have a good sleep safely with a blanket which is too heavy for them. So that's why make sure you check the weight and the thickness of the blanket, so it won't hamper your baby to move around when he/she sleeps. A blanket which is too heavy can be dangerous, especially if it accidentally covers the babyface due to his/her own movement during sleep, and the risk of suffocating the baby unnoticed can be quite high. That's why to choose a warm blanket that won't be too heavy for your baby's arms to move around under it, so it may lift it up by him/herself when the blanket covers his/her face.

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