Low Minimum Payout Guide

Top Low Minimum GPT & PTC Sites For Earning Fast Cash

Get Paid Cash Online via PayPal Fast -- Low Minimum Payouts and More

1. Dollar Clix -- Low $1 Minimum and Pays Instantly via PayPal Worldwide 

Dollar Clix is a top GPT and PTC site that pays fast and instantly daily to PayPal. They have many offer walls, clicks, contests, and ways to earn. Low $1 Minimum, Instant Payments, and more! 

2. Offer Nation -- Get Paid Fast via PayPal to Complete Offers Online

If you are looking for a reliable site, I recommend Offer Nation. They pay via PayPal instantly for established members with a $1 minimum required for payment to your account. Most of all, they have an active site, contests, offer walls that are open to international members and more. 

3. InstaGC -- Earn Instant Gift Cards and Get Paid Instantly! Now Paying Instantly by PayPal!

InstaGC is one of the best sites online to earn from completing 100% free offers, surveys, paid clicks, paid trials and more. This is the leading GPT or get paid to site that's currently online and with many offers and offer walls, there's also a lot of variety and a high earning potential as well. If you request Amazon, you can even request a cashout to an instant gift card with just a $1 minimum required in your account.

There's a large gift card mall and many options and you can also receive your payout via direct deposit or check with just a $5 minimum to submit for your payout. This site has been online since 2011 and is owned by a friendly admin named Andrew who has produced several successful sites such as Prize Live and Make That Dollar. 

4. Clixense -- Get Paid to Click & View Ads and Complete Free Offers via PayPal and More!

Clixsense is one of the top sites for making online with their excellent referral program, international membership, paid ad views and clicks, bonuses and paid offers. Clixsense has been online for many years and started as a paid to click site where advertisers pay you to view free ads in exchange for $0.001 to $0.02 per click. Clixsense is the most reliable and successful of these sites and they've recently added paid offers and other ways to earn as well. 

Getting paid is fast and easy and there's a small $6.00 minimum for upgraded members and $8.00 for premium members. They pay every week via PayPal and while it takes a bit more time, there's the ability to request payout via a check as well.  I recommend this site for anyone looking to earn online for it's paid clicks, offer earning potential, referral program, and great advertising space to purchase traffic for your sites and links. 

5. Pocket Money GPT -- Get Paid Instantly With a Low $1 Minimum Payout For Surveys & Offers

PocketMoneyGPT is a great get paid to or GPT site with a low $1 minimum. They offer daily payments by PayPal and high paying surveys and offers. 

6. Rewarding Ways -- Get Paid Fast by PayPal & International Members Welcome!

Rewarding Ways is a newer GPT site based on the shiftcode GPT script but I wanted to recommend this site because they allow international members. Like some of the other sites profiled, they offer daily payments to PayPal with a low $1 minimum. They have a large range of offers and may have more offers available to new members located in other coutries worldwide. 

7. Cash4Books -- Get Paid Cash Fast via PayPal to Sell Your Used Books and Textbooks

Cash4Books is a great website to sell your old, like new, and used books and text books. They offer some great benefits that make converting your books to cash very effective and east. First, lookup your books using the ISBN number and get a quote. Second, print a prepaid shipping label that they provide based on a calculated weight of your books. Finally, send off your books and wait for a fast payment to your PayPal account based on your quote!

Sell textbooks online at Cash4Books.net

8. Main Street Shares -- Get Paid Cashback Each Month via PayPal When You Shop Online!

I cannot say enough about this program (formerly Big Crumbs) that allows for cashback rebates when you shop online through their site. They offer a long list of retailers in their program and generous cashback that you would otherwise not receive -- you just  have to click through their page to the site where you plan to shop before making a purchase. 

Main Street Shares pays each month and has a low $1 minimum to request payout. Booking a hotel, cruise or plane ticket? Clothes for your family? A new television or a major electronics purchase? What if you received cashback at absolutely no cost to you that you otherwise would not receive? Definitely join Main Street Shares and find additional savings when you shop online!

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9. EasyHits4u -- Get Paid Prizes, Cash, and Visitors to Surf Ads and Refer Members!

EasyHits4u is the #1 online traffic exchange and is more of a traffic exchange than like a traditional paid to click site. This is a great community on online marketers and a great place to advertise your banners, links and sites. When you surf ads, you earn credits that you can use to promote your referral links and products. You earn at a 1:1 ration and their referral program allows you to earn from 6 levels of referrals.

There's also the potential to earn some cash with the site as well and they pay $0.30 for every 1,000 sites surfed, in addition to the credits and advertising prizes you earn as well. They also pay $0.10 for every referral that surfs 100 sites and they pay via PayPal with a low $3 minimum required to request a cashout.   

Free Money at FusionCash!

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