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Blogger or WordPress: Which One Will Work Better For You?

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Blogging is used in a number of different ways. It is so popular that it has become perhaps the best way to express yourself in any forum. There are blogs for almost every topic you can think of! Just this morning I found a blog about messed up cakes... it was hilarious!

Many bloggers also set up their sites with the intention of earning a living with it, either by directly selling products or selling advertising and using AdSense.

When deciding on Blogger or WordPress, the first thing you must decide is what you're using your blog for. For me this is the deciding factor when deciding which platform to use.

Blogger or WordPress: The Comparison

First of all, I'm referring to WordPress.org, where you buy the hosting and install the program itself. That right there is one of the problems with using WordPress because it is a little more technical to set up and maintain than a Blogger site. However, there are thousands of tutorials all over the web that can show you how to deal with problems as they arise. And, after a while, you'll have a thorough understanding of how to use it.

With Blogger, it's much more plug-n-play. You fill out a little info about yourself, and you can start posting. Almost that fast too!

However, there are two main important debates with the Blogger or WordPress issue. The first is the domain name. With WordPress, you can purchase your own domain, and it can be whatever you want. With blogger, your domain will have the word "blogspot" as in yourdomain.blogspot.com.

The second issue is that you don't own your Blogger site. If for someone reason you break some silly rule, or for whatever arbitrary reason Google comes up with, you could have your blog taken down.

With WordPress, you host it on a 3rd party site and you own the domain. Essentially, the site is yours and cannot be taken down.

I have also noticed that WordPress tends to rank better on Google. I've had dozens of posts show up on the front page of Google, when Blogger sites are nowhere to be seen.

Blogger Or WordPress: When To Use Each

I personally believe that Blogger is fantastic for two things. One, anyone who just simply wants to share their thoughts with the world completely for fun should absolutely use Blogger. It's probably not worth the hassle to set up a WordPress site in this case. Also, if you're just barely, barely, barely starting a business and don't have any time or money to work with WordPress, you can use it for a little while.

However, when using your blog for making an income, I highly suggest using WordPress. The domain name looks much more professional and you don't want your blog shut down for some dumb reason when it's making you good money.

And, once you've learned the basics of setting up your site, then you can charge to set up other WordPress sites! This is a great way to earn some fast, easy money.

As you can probably tell, this Blogger or WordPress debate for me is easy. The hands-down winner is WordPress. Even though it costs a little money, it's really only like 8 bucks a month. It can be a little work, but it's not hard to find sources on the internet to help you.

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Blogging has become a very popular method for sharing knowledge, discuss viewpoints, personalize your business and increase the opportunity for inbound links and traffic. Given the increasing popularity of blogging today, it has become imperative that you choose the perfect medium for posting your blogs. Blogger and WordPress are two leading blogging platforms that have gained in popularity over the years.

Blogger can be described as a popular free hosted blogging platform while WordPress is a popular self hosted blogging platform. However, recent times have seen a switch to more WordPress blogs than Blogger. In order to understand the reasons for this shift and whether it makes sense to switch or not to WordPress, it is important to understand the innate differences between the two and the advantages of one over the other.

WordPress allows you to freely host your blog site onto your hosted website or anywhere else for that matter, which is not possible with a Blogger blog. WordPress hosted on your own server under your own domain will help much more with SEO than having a Blogger account at a separate Blogger URL which directs traffic to them and doesn't keep them on your site.

The amount of control you exercise over your blog site is limited in Blogger as you do not have the option of choosing your content etc but in a WordPress blog, you are given complete control of your blogging content, which makes the latter more compatible for those wanting to market their businesses.


provides you with more options for customization than Blogger blogs. While this may be intimidating to a novice, it is not very difficult to learn or master.

Changing your layouts and templates using WordPress is very simple and can take place even if you are not aware of programming or coding. However, this is not the case with Blogger blogs, where you need to understand coding, if you want to make changes to your template.

While both WordPress and Blogger offers the user a variety of plug-ins and widgets to use from and create a blog site, it is important to note that WordPress offers more variety and types in comparison to Blogger, whose options are pretty limited in the area. Moreover, the kind of widgets offered by WordPress are more sophisticated than the Blogger ones, like those that allow you to keep track of traffic to your website or even allow you to put up spam filters and the like to ensure good traffic to your website.

It is interesting to note that with WordPress, you can create static pages and generate SEO friendly links with the click of a single button, which again is not possible with Blogger, although many may argue that Blogger is more recognized by Google, as it is owned by Google. Find out more details by clicking on  blogger vs wordpress.






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