Beard Grooming

Stubble & 'Stache

Perhaps you appreciate the minimal. Perhaps your skin is sensitive. Perhaps smelling like a forest isn't your thing. Blank Slate gives you all the same great benefits of using beard oil, but without the fragrance. We've also removed almond oil and argan oil for those with tree nut allergies. While the natural oils still provide a slight earthy aroma, it's free from any essential oils.

The Complete Beard Grooming Guide is my attempt to fill in some of the gaps in information. Not everyone will need every single step outlined below, but I recommend experimenting and trying them out. I recommend adding one step at a time to create your own routine. There's no need to rush out and purchase every beard care product on the market this way, and you know the benefit that each steps brings.

Invest in a quality comb or brush for your beard. Cheap plastic combs, found on the shelves of pharmacies and grocery stores, pull and tug at dry, wavy, curly or coarse beards, causing unnecessary shedding and split ends. Kent combs, which we carry on our site, glide Organic Beard Oil effortlessly through your beard, helping you to maintain a well-kept, healthy beard with very little shedding. A medium firm boar bristle hair brush is best for men with dry, curly or wavy beards, and will help to lay the beard down and manage stray beard hairs.

I decided to grow my beard a few years ago, MAINLY BECAUSE of the ingrown hair problem. I could never use a manual blade (like a Gillette Mach 5 or whatever) bc it would make my face break out and burn within 10 mins, and last for Beard Care DAYS. Due to that, i have always used an electric razor, and that stopped the ingrown hairs, for the most part. I still found i got them on my neck, and close to the corner of my jawline. Once i stopped shaving, they stopped!

My few points of advice: Trim the whiskers at the sides of your mouth so that the outer edges are vertical lines, rather than curves. In my view, a rounded goatee makes my face look fatter. I also tend to think that less under-the-chin hair is better; my chin is pointy, so I shaved under my chin up to the edge of my jaw. Also, if your beard hair is as straggly as mine, I would advise keeping the edge of the chin trimmed short. Dangly, ratty whiskers drooping below my chin make me look like a vagrant.

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