Tricks For More Planned Moving

Already found the right new home, now is the time you have to prepare the right time and date to bring all the contents in the old house to the new house. Whether the execution will later use the services of friends and relatives or professional movers services such as Move It!! LLC. The reason, moving the house can be said bother-easy-easy. If not accompanied by a mature plan, it is not impossible to move the house can be very inconvenient. especially if you have a lot of stuff that must be brought to a new place. Well, so the process of moving the house was fun, it would be better if you follow step by step in preparing a house move starting from two months before you move home.

2 Months Before:

- Apply for leave when moving home on weekdays.

- If the child has gone to school, make sure all the administrative affairs of his school has been completed, both in the old school and new school.

- Prepare used cartons for packing things, and start stuffing things into the box.

- Moving to a new residence will be a fun new start, it's your chance to get rid of old stuff that will most likely not be used in the future.

5 - 6 Weeks Before:

- Currently, many service providers to assist the process of moving home. If possible, you can start ordering these services.

- Is it when buying your home also buy protection insurance against the property? Check back what risks will be covered by the insurance and when it comes into effect.

1 - 2 Weeks Before:

- Prepare a special cardboard box containing the things you might need on the first day of the move such as bed sheets, change of clothes, cookware or tea-making equipment, coffee, plates, plastic spoons, p3k boxes, paper and pens, mobile phone chargers and toiletries such as soap and towels.

- Provide information to the bank, insurance, credit card and cable company about your new residence address so that further billing delivery will come to the new address. Close your newspaper subscription if you still use it.

Day H Moving:

- Before leaving the old house, check the window condition, as well as make sure all electric and gas appliances are turned off.

- If you are using the transfer service make sure you first come to a new residence and note how the service includes the items in the house.

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