500 per week

Small Pence Club

Follow the instructions on the inside and your business will grow exponenially.

This plan will bring in cash which everybody is interested in.

This plan connects you with people. People have money.

This plan helps you build your list. Others do the work, you reap the benefits.


This plan has an internal engine. whatever you bring in we give it to you plus we add

the same amount on top.

Come in for pence but receive pounds in return.


There is nothing fancy about this but in time it will compound and you won't be able to stop it.

Increase your hourly rate by being a member, numbers do tell stories.


Be able to go places you have never gone to before. 

I'm talking about goals not location, be able to work when you want to.

Do you want to reach the place where you do what you want without having to worry about paying bills?

Do you want to be in a place where you can afford to fund any project of your choice.

You can make life easier for yourself in our club, Our members do not have monthly subscriptions to pay. You see they paid their fee and now all they have to do is wait for the money to come in. what can be easier than that.


No autoresponder fees to worry about, they can use (free) advertising and still make a lot of money.

Get your friends to help you, they would not know that you are onto a 6 figure income.


Refusal is not nice, having to put up your details when you want some cash is fast becoming embarrassing. Why go through all that bother when you can make money here.

Let us as a group create our own destiny. We do not need the downline pyramid.


We thrive on effort and accumulation and other stuff that makes the process go even further.

The internet stuff can come later but know that it is all an upward progress.

Upward prgression meaning you make money no matter what.


My name is Cameron, I have been through the mill, this plan is direct and you do not have to worry about anything technical. Just do the drill and the rest is history.

How much you make I cannot tell you, that is down to how you apply yourself.

Do not depend on cold calling. cold calling is what you do on the internet, following people

you do not know or grown up with. Basically people that are not your warm market.

If you are active then yes you will catch some fish but your friends people that you know will propel the process even further.

The more people we have doing activity the more the club will grow but it means also the more things we will be able to do.

It means we can change peoples lives. I want you to be a different person in 3 months time.

I want you to be better than you were 3 months ago.

Just take one easy step and I will be able to do stuff that will amaze you.


It is two stage, you do the work i do the increase. you bring in the seed and I will produce the profit. It is dead simple, stop killing time and energy for nothing, do something worthwhile .

Add this to what you are doing and you will see some changes that you will find it hard to believe.


I have made a very profitable invention and I  want you to enjoy the fruit of it.


It is so effective we do not need to charge a lot of money for you to use it but do not abuse this opportunity as we will have to increase the price. Take the chance now while it is freely available.


If you understand what I am saying to you then a few of us are going to be laughing.

It has taken me 23 years to develop this plan and for the past 6 years I have been living on it.

I have even kept family from going under and so if you join me you to will stay afloat and you

will see changes in your circumstances.


I hope to get to know every one in the group and I will be able to work something out that will not only surprise you but will help you to excell in whatever you are doing.


I have with purpose written this much as I am not overly worried about whether a sale is made or not. I do want to make money like all of you but I wanted you to understand that there is a solution not just an empty promise.

I have seen letters like this that is written with a passion but still ends up failing people.

Lets get away from that and get on with things and make a change for each other.


Yes it is you doing your part and me following up.

I hope to see you on the inside. I don't do pictures, I believe in hard cash.


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