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A while ago, a friend of mine explained a pal of hers was selling his Guelph home, and lamented that it was not going well for him. Word from her friend was that there was virtually no sales activity and the listing agent didn’t seem to be focusing on getting people through the door. She asked me to visit take a look at the listing online, that i did. Things i found was, needless to say, your opportunity detail. Other than that, nothing. No virtual tour. No scheduled open houses for Realtors or for people. Only a short write-up along with a series of dimly-lit, blurry images of the home which had clearly been taken using a smart phone. I thought to my pal, “he hired a buddy… didn’t he.” And affirmed, he'd. Skip forward to months later, additional marketing done on the seller’s initiative (and expense, when you can accept it) and, as memory serves, one or more otherwise two price reductions. The home sold, but it took much too long, and eventually it went for lower than it had been worth.

Why? Because someone hired a pal who been a Guelph Realtor without first a little steps to find out whether his pal was a good Realtor.
I’m not to imply don’t work with a friend. Outside family you'll find nothing more essential in my experience than my close friendships. However, buying or selling a home is a huge investment decision and you’ve have got to get it done right, both around the buy and the sell. Which means: Employ a good Realtor. If they is your friend, awesome. Talk about a win-win! One of many upsides to having a friend is always that, presumably, she or he knows you inside and out, and you also know that person has your back. Both are very important when you're buying or selling a property in Guelph. But there can be downsides, too, and the main the first is this: Imagine if your friend really isn’t the most effective person for the job?
Listed here are your two best options, as I notice:
1. Hire Your Friend - however only after you’ve asked him or her to execute a formal presentation, in support of if she or he has truly impressed you. Educate friend that you're interviewing three (or whatever number) agents and the man or she is one of them. In the event it friend is offended, so whether it be - however would reason that any true professional on this business doesn’t take offense at being inspired to “win” someone’s business. It’s part of the job.
2. Ask Your Friend to Refer You to Somebody else - in case you are certain you don’t wish to mix business and personal. As Realtors, we now have the opportunity to refer clients out to colleagues, and in doing this we typically get a part of that other Realtor’s fees. Thus, making this a method that you should opt from having your friend handle your case directly, but nonetheless give him some credit and the possibility to have fun playing the transaction in a really arms-length way. And it’s a lot easier to listen to, “We want someone who isn’t a buddy, because that is complicated - but we’d as if you to obtain a referral fee… so who is it possible to recommend?” versus, “We felt awkward and simply called so-and-so.”
Every case differs, each friendship is exclusive - so use your best judgement. But never just ‘give’ someone your business with regards to something this important.
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