High School Basketball Coaching

Are you thinking of volunteering to be a coach at your local high school? High school basketball is the real deal. The kids who are playing this game are scouted by colleges.

Scholarship money rides on the outcome of games and the performance of each individual basketball drills and workoutsplayer. It is up to you, as a high school coach, to bring out the personal best in each of your players.

In order to bring out the best, one must first complete these tasks:

Build A Team

The first thing that you will want to do is to build a team. Some coaches always make sure that they give the kids pizza after the game.

They also host pool parties, pizza parties and other events to get the young people to bond with one another. The team should have the all for one, one for all spirit in order to be successful.

Competition Is Good – Screaming Isn’t

By High school, the time to stop coddling kids is over. They have to learn that they will not be hearing “good job” each time they do something wrong on the court. They have, at this point, chosen to be part of a competitive sport.

You want to teach them that that is part of the thrill of competing. They get the glory when they win, they feel bad when they lose. Yelling at them doesn’t do any good – they know that they did wrong.

Constructive criticism and praise for the good moves will work. Despite what you may see in high school sports, berating a bunch of 15 year olds and calling them losers doesn’t really get anyone anywhere.

Be a stickler for the rules

basketball drills for shootingIt is important that you know the rules and so do your team members. You may have some students who, upon growing tall in high school, decide to go out for the team. They should be encouraged, but they will have to brush up on the rules. Hand holding at this age is not a good idea. You need to be a stickler for the rules because the refs will not let the kids off that easy.

Have mandatory practice

They have to show up for practice and drills or else they are off the team. While a student may have a good excuse once in a while…

…if the same student is habitually skipping practice (especially if he feels that he is the star and doesn’t need it – bench him for a game. Practice is mandatory and we can all use improvement.

Always teach sportsmanship

You do not want to be responsible for a bunch of surly jerks if they win or lose. Teach them gracious behavior that will serve them later in life.

Teenagers are naturally surly, but they can be taught to be good sports and never to rub their victory in the fact of the losing team. They should also know how to take a loss. Because you win some, lose some when you play competitive sports.