3 Main Important Things About Water Damage

Basement flooding clean up

When the pipe at your home suddenly bursts, when a drain backs up, or when a flood occurs, weoften find ourselves in a difficult position to see and overcome the mess after that situation.Usually, in the aftermath of such misfortune,hundreds or even thousands of questions will pop into your mind—questions like “What must I do now?”,“What will happen after this?”, or“Is my home irreparably damaged?” surely will ring familiar. And the number 1 question is, “Will my homeowner’s insurance cover that damage?” No doubt about it, water damage is a very stressful issue for a number of people who have experiencedwater-based disaster first-hand. The deeper you know about it, the better your decision to choose the right way to overcome it.

Now, before you start thinking of the way to overcome it, there are at least five things you need to know about water damage. Here they are:

1.The insurance for both water damage and the flooded basement is different

You probablythink that no matter where it comes from, water remains water, so whether it's from flooding or damaged burst pipe, these type of damage will be covered by homeowner’s insurance. You must understand that the National Flood Insurance Policy (NFIP) has arranged the separate policy related to these two problems. Furthermore, the impact is when you want to place your claim to the insurance company, you must make sure that you already specify what type of claim you have,whether is it water damage or flood damage.

2.Not every water damage is covered by your insurance

It is always a good idea to check your insurance policy thoroughly and familiarize yourself with any regulation and exclusion in your water damage coverage. For example, most policies will only cover the damage that happens suddenly, such as water damage from a very bad storm or overflowing washing machine. By checking all the policies, you will have a full understanding of how to claim your insurance and how to conduct a water restoration.

3.Once the water damage has occurred, your time window is limited before it grows worse

There is a 24 to 48-hour period from the time something gets wet until the mold can begin to grow. Over that time, it will multiply rapidly. When the mold growth is widespread, you may need the flooded basement repair to remove the mold and make your basement or house clean again.

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