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A ring is a circletcustomarily worn by a person who is engaged to enter, or already have entered,into wedlock.Its considered a popular tradition everywhere for a man to put a ring on his beloved soulmate as a sign that the couple is ready to take their relationship to the next step. Rings, be it engagement or wedding ones, are the ultimate expression of love, which is why their design requires a personal touch. Ranging from classic to contemporary, every ringis different and unique. Thats why, nowadays many people prefer to buy a custom ring for their loved ones. And speaking of custom ring,now you can alsodesign your own engagement ring or wedding ring for your special person.

Satchwells was established by Sally, who received her diamond jewelry qualifications with The Gemological Institute of America (GIA). Satchwells provides a friendly, unproblematically unique, and fun experience in assisting clients to bring together their perfect bespoke piece, by using the most advanced software that performs real-time 3D changes to your design on screen right in front of your eyes.

By utilizing technological innovation available today, Satchwellshelps bring your dream ring to life. Match your unique personality with your own custom design engagement ring or wedding ring. Certified designers at Satchwellswill be more than happy to assist you in getting your ideas across, or alternatively you can look up the designers rings for creative inspiration.

The shape of the ring is not the only thing that your mind should focus on.The placement and the shape of the diamond piece on the ring is also an important design element that you shouldnt miss. With Satchwells, you can choose your preferredcut of the diamond, be it rounded or emerald, because Satchwells believes that every diamond tells a unique story and every woman possesses her own distinguished style.

In addition, Satchwells pricing is usually around 30% lower than your average street prices because the high-tech design process in Satchwells lets you control your budget by comparing gemstone quality and weight in real-time as Satchwells creates your perfect piece. The prices of custom design ring from Satchwellsstart from 1000 upwards. Satchwellstakes your budget and idea into consideration, andSatchwells works with you to design your own ring in a way that not only fits within your budget, but allows you to incorporate the best gemstones and style features to produce a piece that is both stunning and highly valuable.

Discover your dream ring. Satchwells will craft your perfect custom ring design.