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Now listening to favorite music on your tablet, laptop or desktop has been made easy. A new music portal, the listen music online is making it possible. It has a collection of more than one million songs from one hundred thousand different singers and groups, all in MP3 format. Music lovers will find lovely oldies, the latest hits and any other music of choice. And if that’s not enough, music lovers will get daily updates of songs online and showbiz news.

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Using different categories, music lovers have a chance to select their favourite songs.

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One user who is already enjoying what the MusicMegaBox has to offer said that one of the best things about the music portal is that one can listen to good songs on the internet without having to register. The platform, added the user, does not require the music lovers to go through a long process of registration to access the music. “There is no time wastage on the platform, you get quality music right away and start enjoying beats from popular singers and groups,” said the user.

MusicMegaBox gives music lovers songs from all genres; the platform has a variety of charts meaning that it caters to people from different walks of lives and also ages. Oldies lovers are well taken care of and so are the people who are into particular genres of music. All one has to do is simply click play and enjoy listening to ready-made playlists.