Fixing Bluetooth issues on Windows 10

Be it listening to songs on wireless speakers or headphones, playing your favorite games like Fortnite/PUBG/GTA 5 using “Wireless Keyboard & mouse”, or simply transferring files to other devices wirelessly, Bluetooth has never been such an integral part of our technological life since first introduced in 1990s.

 However, there may be some times when your Bluetooth may not work. So here are 6 solutions to resolve NVIDIA control panel missing by ValidEdge.

  1.  If you are trying to connect an external wireless peripheral device like a wireless    keyboard or a wireless mouse, ensure that its batteries are not “dead”. These devices come with a USB Bluetooth adapter. The internal components in these devices are powered by the batteries (unlike the wired which are powered through your Windows device), therefore if the batteries are dead, the device would obviously won’t connect.
        Therefore, immediately throw away your old/dead batteries and replace them with the newer ones.


  1. Also, another key thing to notice is that you cannot connect to a device until it is paired with your Windows device. So, make sure that the device you are trying to connect is paired with your Windows device. To pair a new device in Windows 10:
      Turn on your Bluetooth Adapter (if internal)/ plug it into your USB port(if external).
    Then Left-Click on the (^) icon on the taskbar, there you may find the Bluetooth icon.
     Left-Click on the icon, and you may see the Bluetooth Devices folder open.
     Then, click on Add a device. There you may pair a nearby available Bluetooth device.   


  1. If you are connecting to a laptop to another device wirelessly through Bluetooth, do make sure that your Windows device has Bluetooth adapter installed in it. Laptops, cell phones and other such portable devices have a smaller Bluetooth hardware built-in. The most common ones are by Broadcom and Kingston. You can try to install them or get them installed from a computer hardware store.


  1. Another major issue could be with your drivers.
      What are basically drivers?
    They are basically the software for your hardware, which in simple words tells yours Windows device about your hardware. Therefore, in simple words your hardware is just a useless object. Same goes for your Bluetooth hardware/device. You cannot use it until its drivers are properly installed. Well, only installing the drivers won’t end it at all. The Bluetooth hardware/device manufactures regularly release updates for the drivers. Therefore, always update your drivers regularly. There are numerous softwares which can do this job for you. These softwares regularly check for the updates for all the drivers installed on your Windows machine. For the paid versions one could go for the WinZip Driver Updater or Driver Reviver. Opting for the free versions, one could between various ones like (most of these softwares only search for the updates but won’t update them for you) Doctor Driver or Driver Booster.


  1. Another still not working issue still. Well you have another option that you may try and that is System Restore. There may be some applications or may be some settings in your device that may not let your Bluetooth work properly. If you could find them, uninstall them, or use the System Restore to restore your system to an older where “those settings” would not have been applied then.


  1. Last, but not the least, the simplest one – Troubleshooter. Just simply search on the Taskbar and type -Troubleshoot. There, on the right side, under Find and fix other problems run the Bluetooth troubleshooter. The troubleshooter would automatically detect the issues and suggest the solution. You may automatically fix the issue or even Skip the fix. And it may also detect the unavailability of the device.
     But, the “troubleshooter” may not always be helpful. It may sometimes fail but is a really handy tool and could not also Auto-Update the drivers. Therefore, I always give priority to the manual work or “Self-Troubleshooting”.

    So, above were the different common issues that one faces while handling with Bluetooth devices, and listed were some easy-to-do steps to resolve those issues. Your Windows device would be very precious or special to you, so always care for it. The more you care for it, the better you would feel working with your machine.

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