Run Apple iOS Apps On Android Using iOS Emulators (Updated)

If you an Android phone, but a die-hard fan of Apple iPhone. Worry not; you could easily run Apple iPhone apps on Android without rooting or paying any dime. With the appropriate iOS emulator for android, you could able to get any Apple iOS applications. Apple iOS is stable, and not everyone gets into that ecosystem, you need any Apple device to experience one. Unfortunately, not everyone could afford for an Apple device, because of its jaw-dropping price tag. But with few Android emulators, you can get iOS Apps on Android without any hassle They are,  Cider APK and iEMU APK. Let’s see how you could get iOS emulators to get Apple Apps on Android. Shall we?

Update– Cider & iEMU stopped working, you won’t able to get the iOS apps or anything related to iPhone on your Android device, it used to work on past but now it isn’t.

Run Apple iOS Apps On Android Using iOS Emulators
How To Run Apple iOS Apps On Android With iOS Emulators;

First of all, download the iOS emulators from below links.
Go and open the app where it had saved.
Install the emulator on your android device.
The emulator will install padiod.Get Run iPhone apps on android
Tap the padiod icon on the homepage.
1. Cider APK
Cider APK is the first choice when it comes to run iOS applications and games on mobile phones. With this tool, it will be the breeze to get all your favorite iPhone apps to your Android device without any hassle. Best part it won’t be charged any dime to get this iOS emulator for android. Make sure you have enough storage space in your smartphone before you proceed with the installation. If you have any of the Best Android launchers, disable them. So that you’ll experience the pure iOS interface.

Download Cider

That’s it, once you have finished downloading the app, install the app. To install the Cider APK file, you need to enable the installation from “unknown source”. To do so do as mentioned below,

Settings >> Security >> Enable the App installation from “Unknown Source”. That’s it

Enable Unknown Sources

Now you need to install the Cider app in your smartphone to run IOS apps on Android instantly. Once you have done, you can enjoy the apps or games of the Apple IOS platform in your android phone completely for FREE!

iEMU is another great iOS emulator that works parallel to any iPhone. This tool is tested and developed by the eminent Android specialist, and you might not face any intriguing for any things. Although it is a simple application, which takes somewhat space on your device that worth it. You may run .zip files without any dedicated applications.

Download iEMU

Now you need to install iEMU on your android phone to get Apple iOS apps for Android phone. Meanwhile, you could tweak your Android phone to make it run faster. So that you won’t face any hanging or freezing issues, you’ll get the buttery smooth interface on the iOS apps as well.

Can You Run iOS Apps on Your Android?
iOS is the great mobile operating system, nothing denying. But Android is way better regarding Apps availability and customization. Android wins over Windows & iOS by a huge margin, if you are skeptical about that check out our comparison between Android vs Windows to get better insight.

With its unclutter user experience and seamless multitasking capability, you might not face anything wired with the IOS. Apple is serious with their developers to find and suppress the bugs that just arise, and you may be more productive if you run iPhone apps. On the other hand, you’ll get tons of apps in the Apple store for your iPhone, iPad, and other Apple products. But when you are on the Android device and want to enjoy the apps and games which of IOS then the necessity to run IOS apps on your Android phone comes.

Though both IOS and Android runs on the ARM related hardware, it is easy for use to run any IOS app in android without any hassle. To be on safer side we highly recommend you to backup your android phone, to get started with this process.

Well, you have to think in this way as well. As Android is also getting stable over the time, take Android Nougat for example, which is the stable enough to compete with iOS 10. The smart Google Assistant is something goes neck and neck with Apple Siri, though it is the new iteration to the Android ecosystem, it got familiar within days, one of the hands-down Siri alternatives for Android one should check out. We are not bringing about the iOS vs Android debate, we just our thoughts let in. Each passing days, Android is getting better, stable & secure. There is no doubt, it may overtake iOS in terms of stability and security in the near future. Until we have to wait and watch!

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Could You Able To Run Apple iOS Apps On Android?

I can say it is easy to run iPhone apps on Android, is the dream for many of the folks who can’t afford for new iPhone. You need to give a try to run ios apps on an Android phone.

We have tried our best abilities, to help you out to without any rooting your device, through the practical usage of iOS emulator for android. You can implement this method in your Android smartphone to take it to the next level. I’ve pinpointed the original plans to run iOS apps on Android using the Cider APK.  Sharing is caring, isn’t it? Feel free to share with your friends and relatives.