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we were having a battle royale of all the stuff that's in your garage what would actually make the top 10. So here is our top 10 things that every dude needs in his garage


# Ten

A pair of work gloves. you have no idea how many times I have destroyed my knuckles doing whatever in my garage. Because, I didn't have a pair of gloves on. Well, I've learned and now any time I'm scraping, banging or sawing anything, I've got a pair of gloves on. And, trust me on this it's not dumb to have a pair of gloves on even if it feels a little bit awkward. Because,  the moment that you crush a knuckle or cut your hand open is right before you thought,  oh I don't need gloves this is dumb. so remember a good pair of gloves is actually pretty cheap and it's easy just to leave in your garage and just pick up every time. Right before you get ready to do something like crunching or sawing or scraping.


# Nine


you know what blind people say? they go, man, I wish I had a pair of safety glasses on right before I burn my eyeballs out. All right look when you're working on small l projects no matter really what they are in your garage, it is always a good idea to have a pair of protective glasses on. Now, don't just use the shades that you're used to wearing while you're cruising around town, because safety glasses actually have like very hard ballistic plastic in them and they'll keep your eyes safe. no matter really what you're doing in your garage. Safety glasses are super cheap they're like five bucks. So, you have got no excuse for having a couple of pairs of these. hanging around wherever they're convenient, convenient enough for you to remember to pick them up and put them on before you start sawing fashion or doing any.


# Eight


Two-part epoxy. Now, I'm sure you've probably used to having like super glue around the house and it's so frustrating. Because, every time you go to use it it's all dried up. Well, you'd never have that problem with two-part epoxy It lasts forever. So, because it's in two parts so it never reacts just like Elmer's glue will eventually solidify over time but, two-part epoxy will never do that to you. Now the first thing you will lose is the top because they'll stick around so long but man you can use anything.  I usually use a screw once I lose the top super easy probably only around five to ten bucks and it'll last you forever and

it's awesome because it solidifies in like five minutes.  it's better than super glue because it's stronger and it lasts forever and you can never go wrong because the simple stuff always comes in two different color bottles super easy to use so two-part epoxy.



Number Seven Is always easy, because man everybody always talks about needing a knife well, guys always use knives for all sorts of stuff right? well, the problem with knives is they always go dull but you know what it doesn't go dull razor blades why because they're super cheap and you can replace them as much as you need to so number seven is my trusty box cutter and a pack of 100 razor blades which will last you forever. I use razor blades for all sorts of stuff and I swear I'm only like halfway through this pack that I've had for like six years.



A socket and wrench set. Okay now for a socket set what you need is a simple but high-quality socket set. A good simple one will last you forever because they're super durable.  this is literally the first socket set I ever bought and I bought a name-brand knowing that it would last forever and congratulations it has lasted forever. I think I've had this one for somewhere around six to seven years never had any issues what so ever. You’d be amazed at how often you actually use a socket set whether it's putting together your kid's bike or change the spark plug on your lawn mower, man a socket set is important to have. One of the only things you need to remember when you get a socket set is you want it to have the metric and American sizes, because depending on what you're working on it's going to be one of the one or the other so it's good to just have a simple set with the most common sizes in both metric and American. I know you're wondering when is he gonna actually start talking about the real common tools well right now.


# Five


Number five is you need a best mechanic tool set. all right don't go out and spend a thousand dollars you can get a really good toolkit for about fifty bucks and I just talked about a socket set you can actually get a socket set and toolkit together for around hundred dollars. It would be great as well but, I kind of consider them two separate things so what really comes in the basic toolset that I'm talking about of course a hammer, screwdrivers, and pliers don't get all fancy. All you need is the basics to get stuff done around the house but these are some must-have items in the garage. So a basic tool kit will have all three sets of those three things so, get a basic toolkit and don't spend more than 50 bucks. Because if you do your way into more stuff than you probably love right




A hacksaw, If you're not familiar with a hacksaw this is what they used to cut through limbs in the Civil War all right? Like, cut people's legs off, okay probably not. but I'm sure it was something close the cool thing about a hacksaw is it honestly can replace pretty much any other saw out there because it cuts through anything the problem is it doesn't necessarily cut as fast as other saws but it will cut anything you need inside your garage. So if you're gonna pick one saw or one really good cutting tool it would be a hacksaw. now the basic hacksaw handle that you can just get with a blade this thing cost like five bucks because so you've got no excuse for not having one of these in your garage. If you want to spend just a little bit more you can get one of the good basic hacksaw blade holders and it'll last you forever but everyone needs a hacksaw in their garage.


# Three

Top three the Battle Royale and here our top three finishers number three a cordless impact wrench or drill, and of course, you recognize the good old black and gold of DeWalt. if you get a cordless impact wrench or drill it will last you forever if you get a good one DeWalt is awesome craftsman is awesome Black & Decker is awesome but I still think Dewallt is the king. but they can get super expensive you don't need a super expensive cordless impact wrench or drill you can get a great cordless drill for under $100 and it should last you a long time. cordless impact wrench and drills come in unbelievably handy for years and years you're putting together furniture or you're fixing your kids toys a great drill will last you a long time and you will use it a good jillion times so get a good one to invest a little bit of money and I promise it'll always treat you right.


Things just got interesting because we're already there, Number two



This one might surprise you, but in my garage, I’ve my pressure washer. Notice this thing I lifted it with one hand and it's not gas-powered super-ninja turbo. Alright you don't need to peel paint when your pressure washer stuff, but you do need a pressure washer to cut the time on some of the most common jobs you'll always do, just clean patio furniture or taking old stuff and turning it into new stuff a pressure washer comes in ridiculously handy and you don't need a super powerful one plus they get crazy expensive crazy fast. you can spend under hundred dollars and get a pretty good small pressure washer unit that will last you for years and you'll be able to do the most common things you need a pressure washer for and you will be happy that you have one.


all right so go for # One



we're finally to number one what is the number one tool I just could not live without, and I think every guy should have in his garage whether he realizes it or not is my trusty air compressor. once again realized that I don't have a giant air compressor in my garage because they're not painting cars or nailing boards or anything crazy like that, so it is always helpful to have an air compressor because this thing has saved my tail so many times. How many times have you gotten up in the morning ready to go to work you got an important meeting and also you have a flat tire, holy cow! what are you gonna do? well if you have an air compressor it's not a crisis it's just a simple 5-minute fix. now when you have an air compressor there are other things you can use it for and you'd be surprised how often you actually use this go-to tool usually I use it you could dust things and you get the two connectors the one for tires and the one for dusting and spraying down stuff. And you can always use it for power tools later on if you really want to, having said that you don't need to spend more than about a hundred and twenty dollars you can still get a really good three gallon compressor three gallons is a perfect balance between a tiny compressor that would take a really long time to fill up tires and something like that and a good balance between that and a giant ten, fifteen, twenty and thirty gallon compressor for like which you need for paint and cars and stuff like that. You can actually use a three gallon to power small spray guns, air impact wrench and things like that for smaller projects so it's still really handy and it's perfect for medium-sized jobs and small jobs that always seem to pop up in my garage


So there you have it the Battle Royale of all the tools that I use in my garage and I think every dude should have in his garage.


So, if you disagree, no problem, tell me the things that you think that you need in your garage and every dude should have. I can pretty much wing it in my garage as long as I have these ten things besides that man I'm in trouble so wherever I go and I move a lot I always have these ten things in my garage so if you've got any questions to post them in the comments.

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