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The Guardian Core List Builder System



Take 5 minutes - and read the complete page - then decide.

If you decide to take the following instructions and necessary actions, you are

GUARANTEED that you will get a similar result!

Please do not be skeptical about this program.

At least think about it for a few days.

This is YOUR moment to take $10 PayPal and transform it up to a 6-FIGURE Cashflow back to you, and those on your list. The neat part is that you
don't have to do the work!

To get started just copy this whole post and use it to create a new email message to people on your list (below).

Simply follow the instructions, and in a few weeks, you can have at least as much as $15,520 dollars in your PayPal account or even more.

Now, most people respond to this program because of the low investment (just $10US Dollars) and the high-profit potential. There is no limit to the
income you can generate from this. (Actually, there is: it's $2,000,000USD; yes that's 2 Million! If your mind is screaming "impossible!" then do like
the 96% that read up to this point, and Quit.)

BUT, if you are among the 4% that has actually imagined what it would be like to get an income of over $1 Million US Dollars; seeing your bank account
grow on average of over $2700 EVERY DAY then this is DEFINITELY for you. Read on.

Be Honest. Apply Faith, and Work with Integrity to make this system work for you. It's quite simple, and actually, it's fun!

It begins with PayPal.

Anyone with an e-mail address can join at no cost. You have one, right?

If you are not already a PayPal account-holder, go ahead and sign up for one at During sign-up, choose a Business or Premier account.
Any other account type will severely limit your earnings.

It continues with TEAMWORK. It goes as intense and as tight as YOU want it to be. Not a people person in business? You can work this. Gotta have
people, face to face contact, and all? You can work this, too. Teamwork certainly MAKES THIS DREAM WORK! So, LETS GET STARTED.

Note the PayPal email address list below.

Send a $5 dollar donation from your (newly created) PayPal account to THE FIRST e-mail address in the list below. Add a note to your payment saying
"Please add me to your mailing list." or


Send your final $5 dollar donation to THE LAST e-mail address on the list, and add a note saying, either:
"Please add me to your mailing list." or "PAYMENT FOR INTERNET MARKETING 5TH".

Finally, send an email message to each of the two email addresses with the words "THANKS. I HAVE JOINED" in the body of the message. You're free to
add to the message if you wish.

Here is your list:

[email protected]                           <-- Send your $5 to this email address

2.[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected] 

[email protected]                       <-- Send your $5 to this email address                        

NEXT, we're going to manipulate the list of email addresses so that you can start earning with it.

First, go to your list of PayPal email addresses (above).

Remove the 1st one. THEN
Add your PayPal email address at the bottom of the list AND
Re-number the list.

All that remains now is to duplicate the remainder of the email message to your copy.

When your PayPal email address bubbles to the top of the list, you'll start to receive at least 4-FIGURES in cash flow directly into your PayPal

LAST step: eMail out at least 100 copies of your letter (with your Paypal email address in slot #5). It is now your job as the 5th person, the new
GUARDIAN of this list, to ensure there are at least forty (40) "THANKS. I HAVE JOINED" replies in your email box. (This comes to at least $200 that
has arrived into your PayPal account for your marketing & advertising efforts.)
If there are not at least 40 replies in your PayPal inbox, then you, the Guardian, will keep sending out copies of your letter until there is.

Important get your free ebooks

After you completed the above instructions. Now go to this link: received your free e-book as a token of appreciation for participating in this program.

Some free programs you may use to promote your business.




There are many free website builders that you can use on the web, for example, these are some good providers.



Some Q&A.

Q: Why are we sending $10USD and not just $5 or some other amount?

A: Sending $5 US Dollars to the first person in the list is your way to thank them for when they were the Guardian of this seed-list of email
addresses. From this seed grew the thousands of other email addresses of people that have paid them, since. Now, sending $5 US Dollars to the last
person on the list is your thanks to them for reaching out to you, specifically, about this opportunity.

As you paid out your Thanks in monetary form, you WILL receive in like kind, even MORE, CASH into YOUR PayPal account. Keep in mind, the most you EVER
spend out of your pockets is $10US Dollars, maximum, and, as you noticed, the size of your investment is not breaking your bank.

Q: What's so special about my Paypal email address bubbling up into the 1st slot when I will be paid for being in the 5th slot also?

A: When your email address bubbles into the 1st slot, you can expect 8000 to as many as millions of people to have read your letter and send you $5US
Dollars, each. They will then become the next list-building letter guardian with your email address on their list! This is the core viral, residual
aspect of this list-building system.

What goes around will come around. You reap what you sowed.

Q: Why do we need to include a note in our $5 payment to the first and last email address on the list?

A: Leaving the notes as you give the $5 PayPal is VERY important to notify PayPal that this is a legitimate business transaction. $5 is enough to be
placed on a list of leads that can help you earn even more money. If there are no notes and you receive many $5 entries, PayPal will question the
transactions and may shut down your account using "fraudulent activity" as an excuse.

When you give it an honest effort, you will not be disappointed. When you see the $200 enter your PayPal account, this will be a fruit of your
labor here. The smallest risk of your life can begin right now!!!

The Guardian Core List-Building system is based on HONEST people helping each other out.

It's the same concept of building a downline except it's more profitable and affordable in the short-term. And then, as time passes, your profits
come in as residual income. YES! Again, all you give two people is a total of 10 US Dollars.

Wishing you the very best in your investments and may you prosper as we are prospering.

Make BIG money in an HONEST way: Giving money!

Please do not send SPAM!




Do not be tempted to add your e-mail address to position 1


 It does not work that way!


 If you do that, you will reach ONLY the people to whom you will send the e-mail directly and then your address will immediately be removed from place # 1 and you will not reach thousands of people!


But if you add your email address to position # 5, you will literally reach 100 thousand people who receive or send your email. And at this point, your name will be at point #1 !!!


And if you think you can copy this text just without paying the 5 Dollar to the first E-Mail Address, then you probably did not understand the whole system!!


Because if everybody would do that, then this would not work here and you will not get any money!!


I think Ten Dollar does not really hurt anyone!!

Wishing you the very best in your investments and may you prosper as we are prospering.



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Disclaimer: This IS legal. Refer to U.S Postal Lottery Laws, Title 18, Section 1302 and 1341, or Title 18, Section 3005 in the US Code; also in the
code of Federal Regulations, Volume 16, Section 255 and 436, which state that "product or service must be exchanged for money received." In this case,
you're being placed on TWO mailing lists (a service to you) for $5 each (PayPal).