A true success story of a Stoke-on-Trent business

Stoke has evolved as one of the fastest growing business hubs in the UK thanks to the steps taken by the city council in recent years. With more and more businesses announcing their expansion plans, there are more jobs up for the grabs. City council’s push to reward an increasing number of contracts to local businesses has enabled companies to expand and grow. There are many local companies which have made the National and Global stages like JCB, Bet365, etc and there is a new company which is reaching newer heights.

About the company

The company that is making the headlines now is Edenfield which was started 4 years ago in Stoke-on-Trent. Michael Robson who was a city council worker founded Edenfield for creating awareness on health and safety. The company operates from The Bridge Centre and specializes in health and safety training. Its core functions include training, consultancy and osteopathy practice. They basically offer in-depth training in fields like first aid, food safety, IT development, business marketing and also osteopathy services.

According to Michael, the initial years were primarily dedicated to osteopathy but now they have evolved into a trusted training partner. Edenfield has successfully trained many people who have shared their success stories after completing their training. Within a span of 4 years, they have opened 7 training centres all over England including Derby, Manchester, Leeds and Liverpool. With a highly experienced core team of 5 members along with 50+ network trainers, Edenfield has made Stoke-on-Trent proud. Edenfield caters to business sectors like local authorities, public sector organizations, schools, NHS, etc. They also offer on-site training all over the UK on demand.

One of the important factors for their success is how they have diversified. They are starting new courses regularly which are both useful and are received well by the clients. First aid and pet first aid are some of their new courses which have done really well. In addition to quality training, they also supply critical medical equipment like defibrillators. A defibrillator is a life-saving device which people are not aware of how to use properly.

They are highly flexible and are always on the lookout for opportunities to expand and offer new courses. With a talent training network and an experienced management, Edenfield is all set to expand further. They are planning to open new training centres throughout the UK starting from London and Birmingham. Their aim is to go national and cover all parts of the UK. This is just one more business which started in Stoke and went on to become a huge success throughout England.