Future of Sports Betting on Mobile Platform

The future of sports betting it's in the game?

Future of Sports Betting on Mobile Platform

The advent of in-play and cash out features in sports betting combined with the exponential rise of mobile users in the UK may change the landscape of sports betting for good. Mobile devices have changed the very way the punters interact with the large pool of available regulated bookmakers. 70-80% of the bookmaker’s traffic is now mobile.

Still, the way someone bets online has more or less remained the same for the last five years. However with mobile technology and features growing by leaps and bounds, the addition of elements and features of popular online games into sports betting will in all likelihood usher in a new era of addictive user experience in online sports betting.

One source of inspiration or rather a model worth to follow/emulate is that of the successes experienced by the modern forces of the mobile gaming genre. King Digital Entertainment, creators of popular mobile game Candy Crush, was recently bought by Activision Blizzard (makers of blockbuster mobile games like Call of Duty, World of Warcraft and the Bee Movie Game) for $5.9bn. Mobile betting operators are surely keeping an open eye on the possible integration of their model with that of the mobile games.

Further Angry Birds 2 with a user base of nearly 10m pushed the "freemium" mobile gaming model to its limits, in constantly prying open its player's wallets after every two minutes of gameplay. Pokémon Go the recent entry into the market not only generated a hype equivalent to a Hollywood movie but also set new standards in terms of user experience.The viral story of a New Zealand man quitting his job to immersing himself in the game full-time will have been picked up on by the senior executives of the gambling world.


On the lines of Pokemon Go, 888sport launched "Free Bet Hunt" in August 2016. It uses geo-technology and augmented reality to determine the player's exact location and allows them to place their bets in the same way as players capture Pokémon Go in-game critters. Being the principal sponsor of the four Championship football clubs, 888sport launched "Free Bet Hunt" in association with these clubs. There are expansion plans for Premier League fixtures.


The launch of “Free Bet Hunt" concept in Betting World further validates the core idea that searching for things while out and about, was relevant to sports betting. Betting platforms are now more than willing to use technology to enhance the user experience. They have realized that this is the right way ahead.

What 888sport did to the whole framework of online betting was that one does not need to be present in a live match to place a bet. Instead, the technology facilitates a fully altered reality from the cushions of one's home. No matter what time zone or location one is at, fans can make their bet around a match day.


The major hindrance faced by gambling operators has been that the audiences for social games and real money gambling are not the same.And converting social game enthusiasts into another is not as easy as it may appear.Hence only some certain specific elements from computer gaming have been applied to sports betting.Challenges and Unlocking achievements, leaderboards, ranking points, leagues are some of the borrowed features.

Also, the paramount thing which sports betting platforms have to keep in mind is if an operator wants to be profitable it is unadvised to change or alter the key principles of sports betting, that is to say, odds must be offered based on the probability of an event occurring with a theoretical margin built in.

Another obstinate block in the way is the betting industries importance on the buzzword omnichannel. The sector being obsessed with the idea of providing the same service across different platforms tends to mirror retail betting. With the emphasis still on omnichannel, we are unlikely to see mobile betting carve a different future pathway from retail betting for itself.


Albeit the reluctance of betting industry to bid adieu to the omnichannel principle, there are some notable game changers like Hero Gaming's platform “Betser” where under any one of the two options - “balls” or “brains” punters can earn points from all of their sports bets placed with the bookmaker. Points are rewarded for both low risk (brainy) bets and high risk (ballsy) bets. Parallely “Betser” generates a league system.Bettors can now compete with one another and depending on the wins/losses they can move through different stages “just like in a social leaderboard”.

These new age betting platforms are not just concerned with providing just a simple user experience and pleasing the punters, on the contrary, they strive towards an awe-inspiring experience by pushing the limits of the industry.Betting platforms like Betser take the players-service provider relationship a few level ahead of their counterparts by making sure that an individual's betting journey is as interactive and engaging as possible.There are reward points for every player based on their skills and courage, Players are allowed to measure themselves, compete, and interact with other players.Hence in the process, they help build a complete social betting experience along the lines of mobile games.

Social and Moral Responsibility

With internet-enabled mobile devices placed on the palms of almost everybody on this planet, the betting operators need to be careful that they do not promote betting to underaged and naive people as just another mobile game.There have been instances where operators were asked to recall promotional emails and advertisements.

In conclusion, the road ahead looks bright for online sports betting industry.Platforms like dream11, 888Sport, Better are taking the first leap forward but it should also be always kept in mind that betting can be addictive and like Uncle Ben says to Peter Parker in SpiderMan “With Great powers comes Great responsibilities”, betting Platforms unlike general gaming platforms need to proactively fulfill a social responsibility behind the scenes.

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