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Best Dictation Software:

For answering thud question what the best software for dictation is we need to define first what the word ‘best’ actually means. Being the cheapest or time efficient or accurate is never enough to call a software as the best one in this manner.  These are nothing but some aspects on the basis of which an individual describes the prime differences between the human dictation and machine alternatives. We can consider a software as the best one when human element of dictation is what it can preserve in the best possible manner. For making it more easy for you to understand, here comparison of two options will shown to you. These two are considered as two of the best options you can get in the market and also represents two of the different models about machine dictation are possible to be performed.

The name of those two software are LilySpeech and Dragon.

In the universe of PC dictation LilySpeech is not in the row of older players and for establishing itself it had not much time till now. On the other hand, it’s been a long time Dragon Dictate holding the position of the market leader. These two companies have come up with a lot of similarities. But what has made them different mainly is the technology they e driven by. Nuance is the owning company of Dragon dictate. The speech-to-text engine that they have developed which was dominating the position of being the only highly accurate one in this world for a quite long time.

Everything was in the same way, until Google came up in the field and got serious about the speech-to-text engine. It should be nothing new to you if you have noticed the function of sending text message with your voice on your Smartphone.

It can be easily assumed that Dragon dictate emphasizes on understanding individual words which the user need to have longer training process as well as comparatively rigid for one’s microphone. But it seems Google speech service to text focuses on the subject that an individual is saying. It leads them towards producing better results requiring minimum training. It is also helpful in situations where a user is in an environment where a lot of noises prevails or a microphone with less quality is what the user is using.

LilySpeech is considered as the first software for desktop has made this options available for using in any application. When you are in situation of comparison between Dragon dictate and LilySpeech, you can say LilySpeech can be considered as they utilize what an individual feel is the comparatively prime speech to Text-dictation-engine. When it comes to the cost, the cost of LilySpeech is just $2.49/month which also comes with a 30-days trail for Free and for a huge amount of people this is cheaper in comparison with Dragon dictate. Though none of the dictation software is good enough t replace the golden standard of Human dictation, But LilySpeech has come as close as any piece of technology so far.


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