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Saansad Aadarsh Gram Yojana (SAGY): Objectives and Features

This is rural development program whose main objective is social and cultural development of the villages. They also motivate the people on social mobilization of village community. Saansad Aadarsh Gram Yojana was launched on 11 October 2014. This scheme is introduced for the betterment of the rural villages by spreading awareness. It was initiated to bring the members of political parties under one umbrella.


The objectives of Saansad Aadarsh Gram Yojana are as follows:

  • It focuses on the development of the model villages with the help of existing schemes. They also design some new initiatives for local context and they can vary from village to village.
  • It also creates some local government is some villages.
  • It assures that the MPs will develop the physical and socioeconomic infrastructure of 3 villages by 2019.
  • It also states that new initiatives will be taken for model villages.


The main features of Saansad Aadarsh Gram Yojana are as follows:

  • MPs can choose any Gram Panchayat except their own Gram Panchayat.
  • The villages should have population of about 3 to 5 thousand to get developed.
  • The RS MPs can select the villages from which they are selected.
  • It is free option for nominated candidates to choose villages from any country district.


The plan of this Yojana is to combine the Mps of different parties while they take the responsibility of development of any social infrastructure of villages. This will turn those villages into model village and according to this scheme each and every member of the parliament should select any village to make it a model village. This will help the rural villages of our country to get developed an established like a model villages by offering them smart schools, basic health facilities, housing to homeless villagers, etc.

3 Advantages of ELSS

It is suggested that people having taxable income should use ELSS. The fact is that equity is a risky process and therefore the young adults should try this scheme. This scheme is more risky for the senior citizen because it may push them towards financial problems. If you look equity as a short term phenomenon then it may be considered as risky process but when you consider it as a long term phenomenon then the story is completely different. For 3 year, 5 year or more investment periods, ELSS is less risky and can give you high returns. More about ELSS Visit:

Advantages of Equity Linked Saving Schemes

Lots of people are attracted toward this scheme because of its advantages over the other schemes. This scheme is mostly used by the young investors because they don’t hesitate of taking risks. This scheme involves risk for short term investment but if you are willing to make a long term investment then it will definitely give you a great amount of returns.

The advantages of Equity Linked Saving Schemes are as follows: -

  1. You will get tax free returns from this investment because there is no long term capital gains tax payable on equity. In case of FD’s the returns that you collect are taxable and the TDS are deducted on yearly basis.
  2. It is more liquid because the lock-in period is about 3 years. The continuous income flow makes this scheme flexible.
  3. The other tax saving FD is illiquid because you cannot break them and cannot take any loam against them.

This scheme has got lots of advantages over other schemes as mentioned above in the article. If you are looking for a low risk and large return scheme then you need to invest for long term basis. Hence we can conclude that this scheme is capable of providing high rate returns.