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Do You Need To Turn Your Banking Instruments or Hard Assets Into Cash?





1. MT-760 or DTC only is required for Monetization !

2. Designed to work with already issued, existing instruments or RWA. 

Fresh Cut or Soon to be issued instruments with a verifiable Bank RWA stating that the Bank is RWA to issue a MT-760. The only acceptable delivery method for this program is a Swift MT-760 or DTC. Owned instruments need a copy of the instrument and the account statement where the instrument is currently lodged.

3. Top World Banks- Inside the United States are also acceptable

4. Both Owned and Leased Instruments are acceptable. BG’s, SBLC’s , 

MTN’s and Cash (Blocked Funds)

5. Minimum Instrument Size: $20 Million.

6. For Owned Instruments: Non Recourse Loan To Value up to 80% Less 

   5% Commission depending on the specific Bank

7. For Leased Instruments: Non Recourse Loan To Value up to 75% Less 

   5% Commission depending on the specific Bank

8. Proceeds of Monetization Paid out in 3 Installments: (Subject to change, please check)

A. 33% within 10 Banking Days after Good receipt and verification of 

the MT-760

B. 33% within 20 Banking Days after Good receipt and verification of 

the MT-760

C. 33% within 30 Calendar Days after Good receipt and verification of 

the MT-760


1. The client will submit the following: Standard CIS, Passport, RWA or copy of the 

Instrument that has already been issued and a copy of the Bank Statement 

showing the Instrument in the Client's account. If the client has Blocked Funds 

then a copy of the Bank Statement will suffice. PLEASE NOTE: If the client is 

unable to show that the client has the asset on deposit in his account by 

providing a copy of the client's Bank Statement, then we cannot move forward. 

There are NO exceptions to this requirement. 

2. The client will be issued a contract from the monetizer. The usual time frame is 

within 48 to 72 banking hours. 

3. After both parties sign the contract and the client will inform the lender about 

the account details of where the instrument is being swifted from and on what 

day. The MT-760 must be sent within three (3) banking days after execution of 

4. The sending bank will send the MT- 760 to monetizer's receiving bank listed on the contract in 

EUROS or if in USD, the Swift should be sent in Euro Equivalent. 

5. The receiving bank will authenticate and confirm the Swift per the protocols 

specified on the contact and the Payment cycle will begin as detailed above 

under Program Highlights.

6. Term of Monetization is One Year and One day. Instrument is returned 

within 15 days prior to the expiration of 12 months.

PROGRAM #2                       GET CASH FOR YOUR ASSETS IN 48 HOURS

Collaterals Loans with No Credit Check

STEP 1 - Call one of our specialists to apply for a quote to see how much money your asset can bring you! We’ll have a Specialist Appraise it so we can make you a fair deal. No charge to the client! Step 2- Once you’re happy with the offer, we supply you with free equipment and arrange for a fully insured FedEx overnight shipping of the asset to our 24/7 guarded vault…Depending on the value of your asset, you can have $1,000,000 or more in your account within 24 hours! Step 3- When you’re ready to pay back the loan on the asset, we process the funds and overnight the item back to you!

Ø      Planes, Yachts, Jet Ski, Automobiles (Luxury & Classic), RVs, Trucks, Heavy Machinery

Ø      Diamonds, Gold, Precious Stones, Gems, Pearls

Ø      Swiss Watches, Fine Jewerly,

Ø      Vintage Wine, Antiques and Collectables, Handbags,

Ø      Real Estate

Ø      Artwork

Ø     Private and Confidential with NO Credit Checks

Ø      No Contracts fees or Hidden Charges

LTV of up to 70% can be achieved, depending on the type of asset.  All assets must be owned and not leased to go into our vaults. Our process is easy, fast and 100% private. It is designed to get you the maximum value in the minimum time. Our loan product offer unique ways to use your luxury assets to raise capital.


PROGRAM #3                       Monetizing Program for Bank Instruments and Hard Assets


Do you have a stock lender who can accept the MT542 issuance from the shareholder's issuing bank for the non recourse or recourse loan against the publicly trade shares? Please introduce the lender or their authorized representative. Your interest is protected by us.

I am next to the seller's papered mandate / POA.
Issuing banks: HSBC London and Deutsche Bank A.G. Frankfurt
Assignment fee: 35-45 +2
Contract Amount: 500M up to 50 Billion
Minimum BG order: 500M USD/EURO
Commission: 1% seller side (Closed),  1% buyer side opens starting with me.
Bank Comfort Letter:  need an LOI explaining what the client wants...including the price. Put down the position of the client (Buyer / Authorized Rep), etc., on Company Letterhead...and be willing to do an ATV.  They will respond within 24-48 hours.

I am next to the seller's papered mandate. / POA
Issuing banks: HSBC/Barclays/Credit Suisse/Deutsche Bank
Assignment fee: 55+2
Minimum MTN order: 500M
Contract Amount: Euro 1 billion SS MTN, 500M x 2 tranches
Commission: 1% seller side (Closed),  1% buyer Side opens starting with me.

Here’s the SS MTNs 55+2 which require POF (FC Procedures) as the Provider will take down a FC contract and make it SS for the Buyer.

I'm enclosing the docs for submission for the SS MTNs 55+2, FC procedures. This is a solution to the lack of SS paper in the market. POF required, account statement or tear sheet, with submission along (possibly bank to bank) with CIS & copy of passport. First tranche desk to desk, balance of contract Euroclear.

Please advise Buyer’s interest, we can move this forward quickly, all pricing should be 55+2. Let me know if you have any questions.

Seller Mandate is available to do a CC with the buyer or Buyer Rep
Here's a detailed description with an outline of requirements and possibilities for leasing a SWIFT MT760 bank guarantee, with prices, specimen documents and instructions of how to prepare your Preliminary Application.
There is absolutely No advance fee, if you are able to proof the availability of the Leasing Fee for the first year through a confirmation from your own bank, covering theses issues (A) Availability of the entire amount (B) in your own account, being the receiving account for the instrument. (C) The funds have to be freely available to yourself without conditions. (D) The bank has to confirm there are no transfer restrictions which may hinder you moving the funds, upon your instructions and at your choice, to any major world money centre in the USA, England, Germany, Switzerland or Singapore.
Or, if it is too time consuming to get this bank confirmation, you can take a shortcut. You place the SWIFT transfer and bank arrangement charges (less than 0,1%) on escrow directly with the providing institution after approved contracts. In that case you just have to confirm that you have an approved credit line in your favour. Payment of the leasing fees is within 21 days of delivery and verification of the instrument by your bank. So it is not possible to use your client's own bank or account.
My contact is managing this hard asset trading program.- nickel wire and copper powder SKR.

A. Hard Asset Accepted: nickel wire and copper powder
B. No swift required. 
C. SKR is accepted from LME-listed Security House, Germany. The lender's name must be added on the SKR.
D. No Insurance Wrap required
E. PPP/Trading: 40 weeks term
F. KYC package is required

6. HARD ASSET MONETIZING - Rough / Polished Diamond, Precious Gems and Stones, Jewelry, precious metals, unique items of value.
If you own an unique items of value and want it to be monetized for a Recourse loan, we offer up to 70%  recourse loan all inclusive. No swifts required, no insurance wrap required...just send us the documents first. Then we will issue a funding contract. After signing, bring the items to our USA/Europe for monetizing. We will pay out in 7 banking days.
The lender will set up a SKR at his bank for precious minerals and then fund the loan. They will provide a loan to the client in turn, he gives a Recourse loan. The owner can be added on the skr as a secondary signatory for security level. The lender will pay storage fees. All the clients do is to pay the independent appraisal fee.
We have another lender for those who can issue MT760 block fund or MT799 block fund against hard asset from top 50 banks.


PROGRAM #4                        $1 Million Minimum Trade Program


Federal Trade Program
with NO Swift requirement.  There are only a few REAL 1M trade opportunities and this
Federal Reserve Trade Program 
Example of Returns: (Cash Investment Only)

Minimum: $1M USD PAID DAILY for 75 Bank Trade Days,  (No Saturday or Sunday.)
A. 75 bank trade days x $1M = Total $75M / $1M paid out 75 daily deposit.
B. $2M x 75 bank trade days = Total $150M / $2M paid out 75 daily deposit.


Procedures:  24-48 hours for Approval.
CIS package is submitted to Fed authorities for DD and compliance review.  After
compliance and approval the Fed authorities will contact investor direct to verify
agreement to come into the private trade program.

The Investor will receive their LETTER OF INVITATION to enter the program.
The Investor signs and returns it and follows all bank wire instructions to send
their $1M to Fed Reserve escrow account at WELLS FARGO BANK NEW YORK.
Investor will get conformation of receipt of successful wire transfer into this account.
48 - 72 hrs from confirmation the investor’s 1st payment of $1M is deposited into their
designated bank account daily.

After completion of agreed contract terms and conditions of 75 bank trading days, the
$1M escrow deposit is return to the investor free and clear to their designated bank account.
This program is designed for clients who are presently RWA to send a SWIFT MT-760 and can supply a RWA from their bank stating that the Client has paid all the fees to the Issuing Bank and that the Issuing Bank is RWA to send a MT-760. 
The instrument must be sent by Swift MT-760. No other methods are acceptable for this special program. Unacceptable methods for this program include MT-799 (without a MT-760), a MT-798 that contains a sub-filed MT-760, Euroclear and DTCC Free Delivery.  .
Most, but not all banks qualify for this program. Kindly inquiry as to whether your bank qualifies.
If you require additional information kindly provide me with your telephone number and skype address.
My contact information is below.
PROGRAM #6                      Small Cap Trading Program, Min $100K

***These programs are subject to change, please check for availibility***

This is a professionally structured Managed  trading Program , the 100K program is based on the 500K that we run in 2010 that turned accounts of 500K to 7M in 12 months. This is the second time we are offering this special program and we are only taking on a limited number of clients in order to offer the same performance as before.  This program is very different from your average small cap programs,in such way that its carefully structured putting a lot of efforts on both risk limitation and profit accumulation.  The minimum to start with is 100K , your funds are deposited in your own account , you have 24/7 monitoring of your funds and are able to withdraw funds at your request.

Normally for clients to get the kind of returns this program offers they need to invest 100s of millions , But now you have the opportunity to these kind of returns with a minimum investment of only 100K 

For investment of 500K client makes 5M in a period of 40 weeks - This equates to about 5% weekly compounded.

Its possible to test this program with a smaller amount just to be comfortable with how its managed.

The trading account is in the clients name only and the client is the only one who controls the account. Once the trade account is opened the client will move the amount of funds they wish to take into trade into their trading account. Once the funds are in the account, the client will sign a limited power of attorney with the trader that allows the trader to trade the amount of the funds that are in the clients trading account. Then the client receives profits in the client’s current account, No one but the client can withdraw or deposit in this trading account. 

-Proved and paying program been running for over 5 years now

- Self Signatory account

- 24/7 Account access through online back office

-Client can request to withdraw funds anytime

-Can compound for better results

- Profits can be withdrawn on a weekly or Monthly basis or let to compound for faster growth.


This program is capable of making millions from a small cap investment

PROGRAM # 7                         Stock Loan on Active Trading Stocks  

A stock loan allows borrowers the flexibility to gain access to the locked up value of their freely traded stock position without having to actually liquidate their position in the open market. Our stock loan program is designed specifically for corporations, its employees, officers and major holders of publicly traded companies while providing total privacy to our clients. Our goal is to help you obtain the best financing possible in today’s marketplace. If you’ve never considered stock loans or share financing before, we can help you understand how they work. We’ll always go the extra mile to get you the rates and terms you deserve.

We collaborate with the borrower on the terms of each and every loan. Our process is quick, transparent and completely confidential. Loan proceeds can be used for personal or business purposes or to diversify or hedge current stock positions. Funding is quick with loans closing in as little as 3 to 7 business days. Same day funding is available, contact us to find out more.

We can process loans from $500,000 to $50,000,000 USD. Loans terms are based on evaluation of the risk and future performance associated with the securities to be pledge as collateral. The term of the loan is typically three years, with interest payments on quarterly or semi-annual bases. Our stock loans are interest only and non-recourse, the borrower has the option of simply walking away at anytime with no further liability. In the event of a loan default, we do not report to any credit bureaus or governmental agencies, nor file any public notice. There is no adverse consequence to the borrower’s credit.

Stock Loan / Share Financing Process

  1. Borrow submits inquiry for loan by providing a stock symbol and target loan amount.
  2. Lender determines the viability of the loan, and calculates a loan-to-value ratio (LTV) and the interest rate, based on an assessment of both short and long term risks. Lender issues a term sheet to borrower to review.
  3. Terms are negotiated & finalized
  4. Lender sends contract to borrow for review.
  5. Final contract is negotiated & signed
  6. Both parties coordinate a delivery date with their respective brokerage firms or securities to fund the stock loan.
  7. Stock Loan is funded.
PROGRAM #8                                         80% LTV Non Recourse Funding on Bank Instruments

80% ltv non recourse funding on bank instruments

Minimum amount of the instrument is $ 10 million

There is no maximum amount of the instrument needing funding. Can do larger instruments.

Instrument must be issued from Top 100 rated bank or higher

80% loan to value non recourse funding for owned instruments

70% loan to value non recourse funding for leased instruments

65% payout to customer within 10 days after receipt of the mt760 block on the instrument

The other 15% paid out in approximately 10 days after the first 65% payout

If the customer moves quickly and the bank moves quickly, these deals can be ready for funding in 3 days.

All that is needed for funding contract to be issued is CIS pkg on the customer and the RWA letter from the issuing bank.

The RWA letter must state the bank is ready to issue the instrument and block via mt760 swift.

After these 2 items are received, they are reviewed and funding agreement can be issued and phone call with the funding group.

PROGRAM #9                              LTN & VEN BOND PURCHASE OR TRADE PROGRAM

1.Banker is seeking LTN's  on Euroclear or Bovespa.
If the LTN can be in EC will be the best. If not, is necessary a Brasilian bank to confirm, valuate and transfer it by MT760 to UBP. If the seller had a problem to cover the SWIFT's expenses, our bank can confirm the payment of the SWIFT's expenses after receipt and verification of the MT760. The EC is very important for the verification of the LTN.
2.The following procedures are the latest, and are the fastest way to produce a contract and get the Venezuelan bond into trade with a minimum 500M face value.

Client provides a compliance package dated within 3 days along with all 21 consecutive Euroclear pages to show that the investor/investor's company is the owner and beneficiary of the bond. Blocking can be done on Euroclear or  SWIFT MT760 or MT542 !.

Once we have received the documents, the contract will be issued and executed, Power of Attorney issued to the platform as the trade manager and the transaction will proceed as follows:

The investor must advise the Banco Central de Venezuela that they have signed an agreement with the trade manager and that a Power of Attorney has been issued, and instruct them to block the asset in favor of trading account and beneficiary listed in the contract, and BCV must then re-issue the following docs in the name of the trade platform:
1. Official Safekeeping Receipt
2. Affidavit
3. Certificate of Ownership
4. Declaration
5. Euroclear documents that list the investor as beneficiary.
The investor's bank officer must email the docs to the trade platform once the docs have been re-issued.

Once this process has been completed, and delivered, the platform will verify the authenticity of the block from the platform side, and if all is confirmed the platform will proceed with downloading the bond into a segregated Euroclear sub account, for which the platform pays the fees.  All trading will all be done on Euroclear.  The bond will be reassigned to the owner at the end of the year's trade.

The trade is a 40 week program paid out monthly (every 20 banking days) with 100% historical returns per month of the given LTV. A 25% advance is paid out 15 days after the block confirmation with the full 100% payments coming every 20 banking days after the advance is issued. The LTV is 50 - 60% of the trade value of the bond depending on maturity, etc. For instance if the bond is trading at 40 the LTV would be 20 - 24% of face value.  The client can use the Venezuelan bond profits to enter a separate more aggressive bullet then 40 week trade.
Note:  This procedure only applies to Venezuelan bonds.  Cash and instruments have different procedures.

Feel free to contact me any time with any questions.
PROGRAM # 10                   Bank Instruments & Assets Monetization/Trade Program                                        
Here are the parameters for various assets. The monetizers are real, but they expect orderly documentation. Contact me for the CIS that applies for this monetization submissions.
1. For BG Monetization/Trade

Leased BGs are acceptable, but owned BGs are preferred.

(1) Please note the LTV ratio will not be more than 50% for owned instruments, and that 50% are from the top 10 rated banks and their instruments. Typical LTV on a leased instrument is 18% - 32%.
(2) A copy of the lease agreement from the client  is mandatory as part of the compliance documents in the CIS/KYC package. A copy of front page of owned BG is required.
(3) The bank must use SWIFT. If it has only TELEX, then it must use a correspondent bank with SWIFT. We have this problem with some Russian banks.
(4) All proof of instrument or proof of funds documents must be currently dated. Trading/Monetizing group will not accept any proof of funds/instruments documents that are months old.
(5) Any client submission would required current and up to date RWA letters.
(6) Please note:  any sanitized information will force our group to stop the intake process...and ask your client to provide the information missing to continue with due diligence verification. This will cause delays in extending an LTV offer.

2. For Venezuelan Bond on DTC.

(1) first and foremost the Venezuelan bond needs to be registered with a bank and moved into a DTC account
(2) This bank must issue a DTC account number and have full banking to move the bonds to the buyer's DTC bank
(3) Have your client fill out and complete this CIS/KYC package and EC pages
(4) In the CIS/KYC package provide PP, EC pages and DTC account #.
(5) Please note: any sanitized information will force our group to stop the intake process...and ask your client to provide the information missing to continue with due diligence verification. This will cause delays in extending an LTV offer. 

3. For LTN Monetization/Trade

We need your client to answer 4 questions before giving the procedures.

(1) Is the owner of the LTNs registered at the Central Bank of Brazil?
(2) Is the LTN assignment registered at the Central Bank of Brazil?
(3) Is the LTN physically held at the Bank of Brazil or somewhere else? If somewhere else...where?
(4) The monetization will require the LTN owner to pay for the MT760 block of the LTN before the monetization...not after.. if he agrees we can proceed...if not... we can't proceed. Keep in mind the $155,000 MT760 is a bank fee payable to the bank just like a bank wire fee, not payable to the monetizer/trader.

If your client answers yes to all 4 questions...then we can give you the procedures.

4. For Bullion/SKR Monetization/Trade

We can monetize long as its not an in-ground asset...meaning we don't monetize mines.

If the bullion is sitting in a vault or secure warehouses like IGAS, Brinks or Malca....  we can monetize it.

Minimum Asset Value: 500 million USD/EUROS


(1) Submission Package is required and must include:

(a) Appraisal (s), Assays, Authentications, etc.
(b) Current Safekeeping Documentation 
(c) Client KYC with Passport /Good Contact Numbers, ..Skype address if possible.
(d) Letter of Intent on Asset Owners Letterhead 
(e) Providence, History of Ownership Statement...or, Proof of Purchase if possible.

(2) Monetizer communicates directly with the Asset Owner 
(3) Memorandum of Understanding and other required documentation are sent to the Asset Owner, reviewed, agreed upon and the MOU becomes the Agreement between the two Principles.
(4) If required, the Assets will be moved, at the Monetizers expense, to a safekeeping location agreed upon by the two Principles. The client's current Safekeeping location may be o.k so, show us the current contract so we can determine if that is the case.
(5) Monthly payments will be made according to the Agreement. 
(6) There will be no costs to the Asset Owner. All expenses for transporting, storage, insurance, issuance of the Safekeeping Receipt, accounting and bookkeeping, monthly disbursements are the responsibility of the Monetizer. 
(7) Assets remain in Safekeeping until the Agreement expires; and returned at no expense to the Client, free and clear of any liens or encumbrances. 
​(8) Not acceptable: Copper Powder, Copper Isotopes, Inground Metals or Inground Gems, ​Oil, Fuel / Oil, Real Estate.
(9) Please note: any sanitized information will force our group to stop the intake process...and ask your client to provide the information missing to continue with due diligence verification. This will cause delays in extending an LTV offer.

I have attached a copy of the approved CIS/KYC package our trading/monetizing group finds acceptable.

Please ensure all supporting documentation like SKR and Appraisals and Assays are currently dated. We will not process any monetization package that has outdated documentation.

PPP:For HSBC clients with cash accounts of $500 Million+ we have a 10 day Bullet trade program that offers 35% ROI per day, which is followed by a 40 week trading program. [This is available only for clients with HSBC cash accounts)

1) Is this legal in the US? 
Yes...its a bullet program...not a ping programs have been suspended by the US Fed and US SEC

2) could the cash be at any HSBC branch (i.e. outside US, UK, HK) 
Yes it can be from HSBC USA...UK or HK

3) Where and how soon is the "ROI" made available ... how about at the same bank account within one banking day 
That would depend on how soon the CIS package comes and how complete the intake information is..
Remember the same account will be blocked...another account will be created to receive the profils
The speed at which this goes to trade and executed will depend on the client and how soon they can put together a complete
CIS package along with proper supported documents. Once the LTV offer and trade agreement is goes to trade very quickly...within days.

4) Should the funds be locked, or would you settle for a bank statement delivered everyday to confirm that the funds were not moved? 
Yes the funds will be blocked....and by SWIFT MT760... no trading group would ever expect a daily bank statement to be sent to them.
Blocked funds are standard practice.

5) For how long should the funds be locked ... for ten days only? 
The initial block will be for 10 days are 35% per day...then the client will have to go into a 40 week trade... it's usually what follows a 10 day bullet.

6) Who pays commissions to the consultant that brings the owner of the funds? 
The trading platform will be paying the commissions...once the trade is signed and approved.

7) Is the owner supposed to pay taxes on the ROI before he can transfer it to his account? 
The trading group will advise the client on the options available for tax deferral and tax shelter options... that will be discussed with the client directly..not through brokers. Any other questions will be answered by the trading group after client submits CIS/KYC package attached.

We have now developed a unique opportunity with a Holland Trust.

While the Trust prohibits me in handing out all the details but they are quite happy to give all the relevant details after a potential investor has submitted his initial documentation direct to the investor.


The Trustee will be in direct contact with the investor after the initial submission.



*100M - 1.5B CASH 
COLLATERAL (MTN/BG/SBLC) 100% LTV                             
*Contract can be up to 10B


1YR (52 weeks)

NO Swifts...NO Blocking ...NO Administrative Hold

 REQUIREMENTS for the initial submission:    

* POF in the form of an ELECTRONIC tear sheet. 
IF Corporation, submit Corporate Resolution           
•  Bank letter stating that the funds or instruments are free  and clear and that the signatory has unrestricted access to these assets.   
•  History of funds.  
•  It is the preference of the Trust to have these cash funds in a call account (24 hour). 
It  is OK if Investor shows movement in the account.

The details of how the account should be set up will be discussed between the Trustee and the Investor. 

Collateral is handled in the same manner as the cash.

The instrument would be lodged in a securities account within one of the 19 acceptable banks listed.

The procedures would be exactly the same.



After the initial document submission, the trust will do their compliance and forward to the Investor directly a package for completion.

This package is NOT permitted to circulate but must be returned directly to the trust. 

Investor should get his package within a few days. 

From this package final acceptance by the European Finance Commission as well as the Feds will be requested. This should not take longer than 1 week. 

After the acceptance into the Special Investment Program (SIP), a window of time will be set for the TTM. Investor will meet with Chairman at the relevant banks HQ to check and sign the contract.


The first payment will be paid after 10 days and thereafter on a weekly basis.  

1 Deutsche Bank ***
2 HSBC Holdings ***
3 Barclays Bank ***
4 BNP Paribas ***
5 Crédit Agricole Group***
6 Royal Bank of Scotland ***
7 Santander-Gruppe ***
8 Société Générale ***
9 ING Group ***
10 Lloyds Banking Group ***
11 Groupe BPCE ***
12 UBS Schweiz ***
13 UniCredit Group ***
14 Credit Suisse Group ***
15 Rabobank Group ***
16 Nordea ***
17 Royal Bank of Canada ***
18 NatwestBank ***
19 Standard Chartered Bank> ***  

Should you have any questions, Please don’t hesitate to contact me.


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