when typing an email, what does cc and bcc stand for?

Stands for "Blind Carbon Copy." When you send an e-mail to only one person, you type the recipient's address in the "To:" field. When you send a message to more than one person, you have the option to enter addresses in the "Cc:" and "Bcc:" fields. "Cc" stands for "Carbon Copy," while "Bcc" stands for "Blind Carbon Copy."

A carbon copy, or "Cc'd" message is an e-mail that is copied to one or more recipients. Both the main recipient (whose address is in the "To:" field) and the Cc'd recipients can see all the addresses the message was sent to. When a message is blind carbon copied, neither the main recipient nor the Bcc'd recipients can see the addresses in the "Bcc:" field.

Blind carbon copying is a useful way to let others see an e-mail you sent without the main recipient knowing. It is faster than sending the original message and then forwarding the sent message to the other recipients. It is also good netiquette to use Bcc when copying a message to many people. This prevents the e-mail addresses from being captured by someone in the list who might use them for spamming purposes. However, if it is important that each recipient knows who your message was sent to, use carbon copy (Cc) instead.

Updated: November 24, 2006
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The language of email has its roots in office memorandums
Outlook Hints and Tips
When you select the contacts you are emailing you can place them in one of three fields:
To: - Put the email address here if it is for their attention and action

TO : This feild must be written with the email id of the recipient for which the email is intended i.e. This is the main receiver of the email who was expecting the mail to be received. Say “X” is the receiver.


CC ( Carbon Copy) : Let's say if you want to send the copy of the email to someone else (say “Y”) then Y's email address must be written within CC field.

BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) : This feild must contain the email address of the receiver who wishes to receive your email secretly i.e. without the knowledge of X and Y. Let's consider “Z” is the BCC recipent.

Now conider a senario when you are writing an email and you wrote the following data :

TO : X's email address.

CC : Y's email address.

BCC : Z's email address.

Now all three will receive your email and,

X will be able to see X and Y's email address.

Y will be able to see x and Y's email address.

Z will be able to see everyone's email addresses i.e. X, Y and Z's email address.

Here Z is the BCC recipent and hence kept secret from X and Y whereas Z is able to see everyone's detail.

Generally BCC is used to send secret informative mails, where one wants to inform the other about the work.

For Ex : If your boss said you to assign a work to your Junior then you include your Junior in TO and boss email address in BCC hence he will get informed that you did your work well.

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Manimala Yegappan
Manimala Yegappan, BE from Karpagam College of Engineering (2018)
Answered Feb 5, 2018
CC(Carbon Copy)

BCC(Blind Carbon Copy)

both are a copy of the mail sent to the specified mail ID.

The main difference between the two is

if the mail ID is specified in the CC column then all the recipients (specified in TO CC and BCC column) will know that a copy has been sent to the specified mail ID.

if the mail ID is specified in the BCC column no recipient (specified in CC and BCC column) will know that a copy is sent to the specified mail ID

usually BCC is used when we want to send a mail to a employee and copy to the HR and we don’t want the employee to know that a copy is sent to HR

when there is a long list of mail ID for which the mail is to be sent and we don’t want everyone to know that we are sending this mail to everyone then BCC can be used.

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B.T Kiran
B.T Kiran, IT SUPPORT at Ivy Comptech
Answered May 24, 2017 · Author has 142 answers and 96.7k answer views
Cc is used generally used to add people who should be aware about the email but does not have to reply to the email and it's only for his or her information the mail was sent

Bcc is a option is used to hide the recipients specified in this field and do not appear in the received message


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Devesh Garg
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Answered Feb 5, 2018
C​C​​​ stands for ​'Carbon ​Copy​'​​ while BCC​ stands for 'Blind Carbon copy'.

​In General- ​CC vs. BCC

​CC & BCC are additional email address fields where additional recipient email addresses can be entered​ for sharing an email copy to them.

Every recipient email address ​entered in the “to” and “cc” fields will be able to see each other​ while ​the email addresses ​entered in the “bcc” field will not be visible to the “to” and “cc​'d​” recipients or the other “bcc​'d​” recipients.

​​​The BCC list is secret—no one can see this list except the sender. If a person is on the BCC list, they’ll see only their own email on the BCC list​.​

Cc: (Carbon Copy) - Put the email address(es) here if you are sending a copy for their information (and you want everyone to explicitly see this)

Bcc: (Blind Carbon Copy) - Put the email address here if you are sending them a Copy and you do not want the other recipients to see that you sent it to this contact

Tip: If you are sending an email to many people use Bcc (so you don't give away everyone's email address to everyone else)

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Can't see the Bcc field?
Whilst you are composing your email click the Options Tab and then the Bcc button - it looks like this...

bcc button

So Who can see What?
Here is an example email addressed to nine people:

Bcc example

Ahmed, Barry and Carol can all see that the email was sent to Ahmed, Barry and Carol for their attention and they can also see that a copy of the email was sent to Darren, Elaine and Fred.

Darren, Elaine and Fred can all see that the email was sent to Ahmed, Barry and Carol for their attention and they can also see that a copy of the email was sent to Darren, Elaine and Fred

Gunter, Harriet and Ian can all see that the email was sent to Ahmed, Barry and Carol for their attention and they can also see that a copy of the email was sent to Darren, Elaine and Fred

Nobody can see that the email has been sent to Gunter, Harriet or Ian 


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