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What's up guys hope you've all been doing well I've received a number questions asking what they have like to be a software professional for software.
It's quite hard to provide a typical day by day it really depends on where you job who you're working with and what you're working on in this video. I'm going to go through 13 types of software engineers.
I just want everyone to know out of these types that we're going to covers non-e is worse or better than the other there is some pretty bad laughs out there like these types society engineers aren't real technical engineers you'll find that people who usually believe that things like that are usually beginners aren't very high level or they're just assholes everyone loves to hate on things that they don't understand and usually people think what they do is the best thing remember to do.
Any of these points at a high level it takes schooling and discipline and nothing could be discounted alright 13 types let's do it all right first of all up is f
Front-end software developers who centered on the code that runs inside your web browser these guys learn about the latest and greatest JavaScript frameworks and so they write the code that strengths all those favorite websites you visit everyday front-end software guys worked really closely with designers and they really make those web pages really responsive.
For second type mobile phone engineers: Mobile engineers will be the developers that write games like flappy bird or perhaps snapchat that you use in your phone every day mobile designers also work very closely with designers they care about every single tiny pixel and they usually are skilled across different platforms. Like Android or iOS can be
Game Developers these guys write down thier code for the game titles that you play most games developers specialize in the specific video gaming framework different gaming frameworks lets you create games upon different platforms. If you want to create a few desktop or mobile games there might be a framework for your if you want to create console games discover another framework to let you do that most game developers appreciate playing games themselves and they also enter into crazy drawing and 3d images graphic type of programming with OpenGL and using the graphics processor alright.
Next up we certainly have back-end and system programmers these guys really do the backstage type of work these designers are writing the code that usually powers the webpage or powers the portable app this is the code that powers different api's capacity to different SDKs manipulates data source back-end or system men write code that's really meant to be used by other programmers not humans all coders are humans to remember that we're at number five right now application.
Developers alright that is a super loose term program development but what I think promoted means is any kind of application that's being developed to be accessed by a consumer or person front end or mobile software developers which in turn we just talked about our type of application developer app developers could create internal tools to be used by big enterprises or they could just make that cool desktop program that you just use everyday PowerPoint keynote you know number six quantity six is going to be data scientific research and this
Is a super trendy and really loose term that is just come up in recognition recently sometimes these are program guys other times data experts actually don't have any software history a data scientist or data science engineer is anyone who wishes to look through data examine it and maybe come up with any kind of patterns the skill level is certainly crazy for data scientists it can be some really beginners to PhD machine learning experts super-trendy term but probably will not be trendy forever best.

Next up we have one of our most underrated software coders which is QA and test these software developers are super important and they develop software that tests other code QA and test developers are usually a little less sexy than the other types but anyone who is aware of anything will recognize that these guys are really important application engineers that don't know how you can test their code are usually beginners and I'm sure you'll realize that testing is what makes advancement faster we're.
At quantity eight and this is codes and science software creation this is probably the most academic on the types and these guys read a lot of papers and turn really academic concepts and theories into real-life solutions think of the guys that had written
Google Maps getting you coming from point A to stage B in the shortest period possible algorithms engineering plenty of numbers going on here lots of fine-tuning and optimizations cutting knife type of software developer is the embedded systems developer this business write the really low low-level code that powers many of the hardware you use every day that is code that potentially may run before an operating system possibly loads and this is the code that the actual hardware needs to actually function properly inserted developers usually work actually closely with hardware designers because there's the ones publishing the device drivers this is the software program that's making your keyboard or your mouse the camera work right
Nowadays next up we have Linux kernel and OS developers this really is a small group of people that develop the operating software that our programs and functions run on how exactly are different procedures scheduled how exactly do you move between two processes how exactly do you manage all the files within your operating system a lot of technicians look past the operating system but it's really important also it's super niche we really need the operating system to run almost any process to run program upon our computers entry level into this software engineering can be pretty high and I'm not gonna lie it can super complicated all right
Jooxie is at number 11 now almost done this one is definitely DevOps or developer surgical procedures this type of software engineer used to be kind of called the network or system officer but I think DevOps is known as a new cool word what do these guys do well they pretty much handle the whole infrastructure and all the engineering needs behind any company what type of computers can we need how many computers in the cloud do we have to start how do we fix this kind of latest security bug how do we back up the database each day so all our information basically lost DevOps engineers also manage a lot of different engineering workflow and processes to make the programmers life really easy usually you start requiring A DevOps professional when your system gets genuinely really big then you certainly need someone just to take care of the system itself twelve form of software engineer is the full stack developer I really can't stand this term too much but it's like a really common term used mainly by new venture to describe a certain type of application engineer
This is a huge umbrella-like term again and it could possibly mean a lot of things but when persons say full stack creator what they usually mean is usually someone who can know basics of a web application framework knows how to manipulate a databases a little bit and can write a little front-end code full heap developer doesn't really stand for a particular skill set it just represents this idea of you can get things done okay so no longer read into this a little too much full stack designer what this really means is that you can just do a bit more between different types of software executive last type of software system which
I think are the greatest type of developers but these will be the compiler and language folks the majority of software engineers likely you or me we use languages to create applications on the flip side of that though there are particular set of people that specialize and create the actual language themselves someone created see someone created C++ someone make use of C++ to create Python you will find lots of different languages out there and between one language there's also multiple ways of implementing a person language you probably use Python or Rubyfor machine learning but do you know what implementation of Python or Dark red you're using these type of technicians.
Really study the fundamentals and organization of how computer language is actually structured it's pretty crazy stuff I'm likewise grouping the compiler people into this whole group for compiler and language developers but those men are writing the compilers that really turn all these awesome.
languages down to machine code that your computer can run that's all I had to get today which was 13 types of different software engineers there may be probably a lot more types whenever you can think of any more types allow me know these are merely thirteen that I came up with this morning as you guys go about learning new things learning new frames learning new languages.
I do think everyone just gravitates towards a certain type don't feel like you have to be locked in into just one type of software anatomist there are so many types and you really can choose what you think is most fun or what you think is most rewarding all right and so i hope this video was useful it's a little hard to give the day by day but now you are aware of the different types of software executive
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