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Reasons Why You Should Unfollow Someone on Twitter

If you are new to Twitter, here's a post for you.

People of all walks of life are on Twitter. Each with his/her own agenda. Some usage Twitter for company functions, a number to communicate with their friends and loved ones, and a few to learn from business insiders on topics that they find interesting.
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Once you have a couple tweets under your belt and follow a few hundred individuals and are followed by a couple hundred, the energy of Twitter starts to install.

Among the first things you will notice is that your Twitter timeline comprising the tweets of who you are after will proceed faster and quicker as you add more people to your listing. The problem with this is that it makes the tweets of your followers harder and harder to read as their tweets come from every which way into your timeline. When you have thousands of followers, your deadline will be moving at the speed of light!

To combat this issue, you're left with only 1 option and that's to unfollow some of your Twitter followers. It's sad but true.

Even though this is the major reason to unfollow someone, I also believed it might be beneficial to compile a list of a few of the additional reasons why you might want to unfollow someone besides attempting to clean up your Twitter deadline to make it readable.

As you become more acquainted with Twitter, you'll understand why I've included these motives.

In no specific order...

  1. Sending you countless direct messages (DMs). Often these DMs are asks requesting you to "like" a website (more than likely theirs) on the Internet, etc..
  2. Tweeting a slew of links every day. People tend to include links when they converse. When done in moderation it is not a huge deal but when they tweet over 10 or 20 times a day with hyperlinks, it may start to find a little aggravating.
  3. Cross posting tweets from other social media-related sites. It's safe to say that many on Twitter are using third party software to tweet their content that they place on other sites for the sake of convenience. Although it is convenient for the person tweeting, individuals who are following his/her consideration is going to probably be inundated with post after post from the same source leading to a common subject - aggravation.
  4. Auto-posting RSS feeds of websites. Some set up their Twitter accounts in this manner that they pull on the RSS feeds from sites that they prefer in order to mechanically tweet the content from the feeds. This leads to is a mass flooding of tweets from the timelines of individuals who follow you. Therefore, if you subscribed to the NY Times RSS feed as an example, it would result in having at least 50 tweets be sent out from the Twitter account each and every moment.
  5. Retweeting promotions all in uppercase. When some people encounter a great deal on Twitter, they prefer to spread the word about it to everyone in their listing. Sometimes its not frowned upon but when the post is in all UPPERCASE letters seeking to draw attention to the promotion and delivered multiple times, this generally makes people unfollow others.

Tweeting past tweets over and over. As folks do not have a tendency to be tracking their Twitter accounts 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, some users like to tweet exactly the exact same articles at least once per day or a couple times each week. Although good in concept, people who view the exact same content replicated over and over will more likely than opt to remove the excessive posting Twitter user from their record of followers.

The major takeaway from this post is to be considerate of others so you can minimize the rate of individuals "unfollowing" you.

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