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Guide to Ephesus Port (Kusadasi) Kusadasi is a famous port of turkey and is very beautiful. It is located at the Aegean coast and is more like a resort and a beautiful attraction for the tourists. Its location and beauty make it wonderful destination for relaxation. It is also near to Ephesus which is an ancient city of turkey. The Ephesus Port (Kusadasi) also serves as a trading source for the people but most of the ships come to this port are full of tourists. The visitors come to Ephesus and Kusadasi by cruise and enjoy their trip to the attractive locations and wonderful sites.

If you land at the Kusadasi port then there is also no need to worry about the transport because it is the town that can be navigated easily by walking. The taxis and transport services are also available in the town and you can hire them from the port and can take a tour to the nearby sites. The port is also used for commercial purposes and also a landing place for the cruise ships. Therefore serving both the purposes, the port holds a significant importance. There are many places to visit during a cruise from Kusadasi. There is a bridge that takes you from the mainland to an island that has an ancient fortress with a museum and many original buildings standing still. The Ephesus Port (Kusadasi)is mainly used as an entering point to Ephesus and to start your cruise to the exotic locations.

Ephesus Turkey

The port of Kusadasi is only 30 miles away from Ephesus city. The tour is so exciting that you will never want to miss it. You can also start your cruise from this port and can visit the library of Celsius in the city and can add the visit of many architectural and historical buildings in the list of your cruise visits. Another exciting place to visit is the grand theatre which you can visit during your turkey cruise. The theater can hold a large number of audience and people visit this place every year to attend different events and speeches. The beaches of Kusadasi are also worth mentioning and are rich with natural beauty. You can have a visit to these beaches from the port through a bus or a taxi and can enjoy your journey.

You can also add a shopping experience to your cruise starting from the Ephesus Port (Kusadasi). There are no modern or commercial shopping areas as such but you will find a large number of traditional turkey shops from where you can buy many useful items. You can buy perfumes, rugs, gold and other things from the merchandise in the Kusadasi town. You can also have the item that you need if you do proper search and visit different local shops. It will be also very interesting and exciting for you to have a walk to this beautiful town and meet the local people. This will add a new experience to your cruise at the Kusadasi port.

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