24 Hours CVS Pharmacy near me

24 Hours CVS Pharmacy near me







As the organization to at any time build an internet pharmacy, CVS has introduced a fresh taste to the pharmaceutical market. Now, Shopper Worth Retailer is #53 of fortune 500 companies. The business operates mainly from prescribed drugs sales which accounts for 70% of its complete revenues. CVS is actually probably the most pervasive drugstore chains in america; it operates almost 4,a hundred facilities, placing it facet by side with a few of its significant competition, Eckerd, Ceremony Help and Walgreens. Within the Purchaser Price Store lies PharmaCare, a subsidiary that is definitely considered important to the company’s expansion and profit margin because of diverse managerial tactics it provides for the firm.



Company Overview

In the beginning, the first retail store opened its doors in 1963 selling health and beauty aids. By the end of that same year, the chain grew to 17 stores averaging $3.3 million per year. Since then, the chain has been growing at a rather outstanding rate. Today CVS is successfully operating in well over 32 states and it is still expanding. During most of the 1990s, CVS has separated itself as one of the most well managed chains in the national drug retailer marketplace, reaching the 4000 mark and still is growing. The company

Key Competitors

CVS faces challenges from a few key competition. Specifically, Walgreens which holds 38% of market share is expanding at a rate of more than 400 new stores per year. Secondly, Eckerd presently the sixth largest U.S. market at 33% of market share is venturing the Phoenix market which offers long term growth. Finally, Ceremony Aid Corp with 30% of market share is planning to add around 300 private label SKUs including household chemicals, school supply and garden items just to name a few.

Major Trends in Industry

As a way of reevaluating marketing strategies, CVS is closing some of their stores. Approximately 230 has been shut down so far because it is determined that disassociating from other chain of stores and malls to individual locations will be much more profitable as that not only target tourists, but also regular residents. According the 2004 agenda, CVS plans to start opening stores in Minneapolis, the 10th largest drugstore market in the US, and high traffic areas such as Chicago, Florida, Las Vegas, Phoenix and Texas for expansion.


CVS marketing strategies revolve mainly around expansion. Because the nations leading pharmacy with stores in more than 32 states, CVS is gradually expanding its chain of stores in Florida. At this time, it has opened two stores in Central Florida, nine in the Tampa Bay area and eight in South Florida. In addition, CVS has several stores under construction including two more in Central Florida, five in Tampa Bay and seven in South Florida. According into the Senior Legal Counsel, Michael B. Nulman, entry into the Florida market has been profitable beyond normal expectations because not only has customer acceptance of the Florida stores been incredible, but revenue figures in these new areas have been better than many previous locations.

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