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When it comes to steel fabrication equipment, you could possibly have listened to of an angle roll bending equipment. Some may make reference to it as a part bending machine, but its purpose remains a similar - sort raw parts of steel into ideal styles and sizes.



If you have got at any time found an angle roll bending equipment, you should agree that a lot of are constructed in the vertical steel frame. It is actually widespread that the bending part of the equipment is located on one particular side, while using the electric power and generate with the device within the opposite facet.

This crafting is meant to teach and enable the purchaser of Angle Bending Machines to inquire the proper inquiries when considering a invest in.

Power supply:

Small units are powered by an electrical motor that has a reducer. The facility transmission is achieved by gear trains and or chains / sprockets mixtures. These are typically units utilised in little career outlets and rod iron fabricating institutions. The brand new generation from the section bending machines is driven by hydraulic devices. These are definitely used for bending with the smallest bars to really massive huge flanged structural beams.

The big hydraulic units have got a double pump hydraulic system, with one delivering the circulation for the rotation of your rolls and the other to the extension and retraction of hydraulic cylinders connected to arms carrying the bending rolls.

Some patterns use just one key hydraulic motor, typically mounted to an epicyclical in-line reduction gear, which imparts rotation to all 3 rolls. A further variation is each individual roll obtaining its specific hydraulic motor/ reduction box combination immediately driving it.

The Bending System:

There are some conditions employed in the field describing the capacities of Portion Bending Devices as well as method utilized, which the purchaser need to grow to be acquainted with.

Square and rectangular rods, round rods, square and rectangular tubing, round tubing, normal pipe, equivalent leg and unequal leg angles, "C" and "MC" channel, "S" and "WF" beams, "T" bars ...these are definitely sections which often can be rolled on portion bending equipment.

"Leg out" suggests the leg of a area, like in angles will adhere outward from your ring shaped in the radial direction. "Leg in" suggests the leg of the part, like in angles will stick inward through the ring shaped in a radial direction toward the center of the ring. "Leg out" is additionally recognised as "Easy way" and "Leg in "Hard way" You can find exceptions to this terminology when it comes to channels, whereby one can bend a channel leg in, leg out plus the hard way when bent on its facet.

Bending of spherical sections, pipes and round tubing have to have unique tooling besides what is normally provided regular with part bending equipment. In specific conditions with square and rectangular tubing in which the wall thickness is lower...the maker really should be consulted concerning no matter if particular all section enveloping tooling is needed to stop the part from collapsing underneath the bending forces.

Bending Channels, S beams and WF beams the tough way, existing a unique obstacle since the force of bending would occasionally collapse the world wide web connecting the flanges. Most brands of significant portion bending equipment offer what is called a "Traction Tool", which retains the portion back again and supports the web in order to prevent collapse.

Machine Capacity:

Each area has exactly what is acknowledged like a "Section Modulus". This worth is actually a measure on the resistance a piece displays to bending. It is the quotient of your sections Minute of Inertia in regards to the axis passing as a result of its middle of gravity, which coincides with all the neutral axis with the segment and the furthest length about the part from that neutral axis. In symmetric sections bending with regards to the neutral axis both equally methods will provide the exact segment modulus, having said that in non symmetric sections, the part moduli are different for calculations of leg in and leg out bending.

Depending within the design and style in the machine, each and every equipment should have a specific capability of bending. Therefore the tension exerted over the device members will dictate the limit, ahead of rendering the deflections the customers maintain unacceptable or the put on and tear triggered on the device could well be excessive. This restrict is exactly what is specified as W or S (Section Modulus Potential) in in3 or cm3.

In common catalogs and brochures describing segment bending equipment would give the optimum area measurements a machine can bend of every style of structural or bar segment. Which has a bare minimum diameter the device can bend them to. By rule of thumb and exercise it's got been proven which the minimum amount diameter of bars, tubes and pipes is ten occasions the peak of your leg or even the dimension taken from the radial path. With the rest of the sections it truly is around eleven to twelve times the height of your area or the leg.

When a bit dimension and thickness is not pointed out around the ability charts, the person both requires to compute the segment modulus from the area and if this is often less than the Portion modulus capacity in the machine, he/ she is going to be inside the secure zone and no injury will arrive at the device. If in doubt it could behoove the user to speak to the producer for professional assistance.


Section bending machines have grown to be advanced and they are employing NC and CNC to bend complicated forms. These controls have canned applications for normal sections they usually use instruct manner exactly where with the operator can create the element manually plus the machine keeps observe of many of the methods he/ she works by using to accomplish the task. Then this system is memorized and archived for ongoing use.

The new controls can even accumulate their particular segment characteristic data, by bending a bit from the section at unique options. The radius created in a particular location is enter to the system and by having 3 readings, this system surmises the response in the segment to bending forces; then makes use of the knowledge once the method parameters are entered along with the portion is first demo the device would deliver a around best portion. With smaller changes, what applied to get hours of tests, experimenting and building is slash down significantly.

Controllers have huge memory capacity and several job systems are saved and recalled effortlessly. Most models have RS232 communication functionality and lately USB ports are showing up on almost all of them. You will discover a lot of running devices utilized on these controllers...some are still employing DOS, some use Windows and also Linux, although some have proprietary functioning devices.


With every passing working day, engineering is increasing, which is not any diverse for angle roll bending machines. Computers and engineers are mainly responsible for segment bending machine construction, which allows for far more precise tools. Some inexperienced purchasers may bounce at a equipment with larger horsepower or simply one that weighs far more. Tend not to be fooled; in its place look at these things when purchasing: reliability and sturdiness of resources utilised while in the machine's building, strong style, and naturally simplicity of maintenance.

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