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7 Things to do at university to get a graduate job

You are now in the final lane of your academic career and there are jobs waiting for the right graduate to obtain just across the finish line. But how do you get that job, or prepare for the brass ring while you are still in college?

One of the best ways is to remember what you did back in high school to prepare for college. Let’s look at a few examples.

           1. Volunteering/Internships

While you are in college volunteer your services throughout the college and the surrounding areas. This will build a network that will remember you when you are looking for a paying position.

Charitable organizations and hospitals are always looking for volunteers, and they are the type of people that never forget. It is their job to recruit the best possible candidates for the many jobs that open up each year in their sector.

Many times when you volunteer and an internship opens, you will be first when considered for a paying position. Everyone starts somewhere and if you put yourself on the bottom of that totem pole, eventually you will move up.

2. Extra Activities

Although you may be a new graduate with little or no experience in the workforce, employers always look at what you have been doing while in college. The sports you have played, the committees you have worked on, and many other activities teach you important skills such as teamwork, planning, marketing, and organization.

When applying for jobs, list these skills as they pertain to what you are applying for in detail. You may want to practice writing essays about your accomplishments so that you can be prepared to give the list to the hiring manager. If you are not an accomplished writer, then you can buy essay. These are documents that you want to have professionally prepared.

3. Resume structure

When you lack experience in a job, use a functional resume structure instead of a chronological one. It will bring to the fore your skill-sets instead of how many jobs you have had secularly.

On your resume pump up how much you have accomplished in school. Remember, this has been 4-5 years of your life potential employers can look at to see how well-rounded you have become.

List your awards, your grades, scholarships etc. all of this is your portfolio and could get you the job whether you have actual work experience or not.

4. Networking/Cleaning it up

Technology has opened up our lives to access. Not only do we have access to the outside world the world has access to us.

Look at your Facebook page. Does it reflect an individual that has matured into someone that wants to be hired by a reputable company? If not, clean it up. Do this for every social networking site that you are a member of.

How does your email sound? You get the picture. You cannot expect a hiring manager to take you serious with that type of email address. This does not mean you have to get rid of it, but get one that is used for business only.

Companies want employees that can represent them on these social sites but do not hire those that will bring a bad stain to the company’s reputation.

5. Begin your search while in school

Focus on what interest you and create a google doc to keep track of everyone you talk to in your chosen field. As calls come in, and interviews begin, you will soon identify what is a good fit and be able to eliminate what isn’t a good fit for you. Keep the notes on the google doc for fast reference.

This search begins while you are still in school during your last year. Keep submitting at least 10 resumes every few months. Do not do to many every day, this can get confusing and cause distress not only for you but for those that may be interested in hiring you.

Too many open lines that cross in front of your path can cause a tripping effect. You may miss phone calls, not have enough time to answer them all, and you may end up losing out on the very one you wanted the most.

6. List your resources

You have many resources to help find where you will fit beside the Internet. Your professors, community activists that you have worked with, and your career counseling center at your school are there to help you.

Utilize them to see what you do not see in yourself. Ask them to give you a short paragraph of your work ethic and what they think your weaknesses and strengths are. Tell them to please be honest. This is about helping you, not stroking your ego.

7. Write essays that tell a story

One way to get a leap on how your resume will fan out is to begin writing your story essay style. Each night sit at your computer and begin telling a compelling story why you are a good fit for any company that you want to work for.

Keep in mind that each company will want you for different reasons, so this essay about your life has to be multi-faceted with bits and pieces about you that will be beneficial for them. You may have to do this several time. Companies want chapters about you that tell a story, not boring lists of skills.

Congratulations for getting this far in your academic career. Your accomplishments will pay off when you find the job of your dreams, so don’t give up. Get out there and present your best self, you are more prepared for this search than you think.

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