Peace of Mind! Program Review

Hypnosis Program Review By Maxine Mobie

Hypnosis Migraine Pain Relief








Some people are able to bravely soldier through a headache, but unfortunately I have never been one of  them.

When I get a headache, I can't function until it goes away! This is why I jumped at the chance to try out a program that claims to offer relief for headaches, migraines, and various aches and pains.

Peace of Mind! is a hypnosis program that uses Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Ericksonian hypnotherapy techniques to treat and prevent headaches. At eight sessions, this is quite a lengthy program. Most users will probably want to listen to it once or twice all the way through, and then use   only their favorite parts once they feel comfortable with the program. This has worked successfully for   me for three months, and I plan to review all the sessions periodically to keep it fresh and effective.

Early on in this program, it is apparent that the creator, Alan B. Densky, has done a lot of research on headaches, migraines, and the sensation of pain. I like to think that I am pretty well-educated when it comes to tension headaches and migraines, but I learned a few new things from this program, namely, how stress is associated with pain and how eliminating stress can prevent painful headaches.

Initially I was afraid that a program like this might trivialize headache and migraine pains, but this program takes them seriously. It reflects an understanding of the underlying causes of headaches and this is what makes each session effective in treating pain.

Like many hypnosis programs, this one emphasizes stress-relief and relaxation, but it also includes techniques specifically for preventing headaches. I think this has been amazing for me because there is nothing more aggravating than feeling a migraine coming on and not being able to stop it. The preventative measures are probably the best thing this program offers.

The program uses many different strategies for pain relief, including generating positive feelings to supplant pain, teaching you how to dull and diminish painful sensations, and training the unconscious mind to handle stress so it will not cause headaches. Combined, these strategies offer a balanced approach to coping with pain.

One session uses the NLP Flash against stress to turn negative thoughts into positive ones. The process becomes unconscious once this session takes effect. During the day, I sometimes notice a very subtle lift in my mood and my train of thought that indicate the NLP Flash is at work! It is a nearly effortless form of stress relief. In the following sessions, NLP and Ericksonian hypnotherapy further enhance relaxation and pain relief.

The last two sessions of this program combine self-hypnosis and Ericksonian metaphors, giving you the ability to manage stress in day-to-day situations. This helps stop headaches from becoming painful and long-lasting. It almost always works for me when I feel a headache coming on. I find that this program works best when you use it to manage your stress to prevent headaches before they can set in.

This program is very similar to many hypnosis programs offered by Alan B. Densky. The last session, however, is quite unique. It uses an Ericksonian metaphor that immediately thwarts headaches and migraines. It is useful because you do not need to be under hypnosis to use it. This is very useful for dealing with spontaneous headaches, which cause situations and unexpected annoyances. Perfect for "emergency" situations like getting caught in traffic or calmly dealing with annoying co-workers!

All the benefits aside, what has ultimately turned me into a big admirer of this program is that it is safe and non-invasive. Using this program is safer than relying on painkillers for each and every type of pain. I have had headaches that did not respond to aspirin but did subside after I used some of the techniques in this program. To me, this is the real beauty of the program.

Overall, this program features several innovative strategies for treating aches and pains. Typically the options we are presented with are medication or a variety of folk remedies, but hypnosis is an intriguing alternative that can work successfully for many people. Most hypnosis programs are very specific to certain issues, but if you have ever had a headache (most people, I would assume), then you would benefit from this program, and if you are unfortunate enough to suffer from migraines, this program may just be a Godsend.

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