New toys for a new born

Toy is the language of children. Babies need toys to play, stimulate their minds, communicate with others, and expend energy. Baby toys come in all variations, colors, shapes and sizes. There are baby toys for every special occasion. The most important thing about baby toys is that theyare safe, and of course durable. Choosing baby toys for babies under one year of age:Avoid baby toys with small parts that could be swallowed. Make sure nothing small could be pulled or chewed off the toy.
Check the paint or finish on the toy to make sure it is non-toxic.Avoid pull-toys with long strings that could go around the neck and cause choking. Pull-toys for this age should either have short strings or rigid handles.
Always check the age rating on the package. And no matter how smart the baby or how cute the toys, don't second-guess the manufacturer.
With hand-me-down baby toys, especially those from another generation,give all of the above rules extra consideration. And if there is any doubt on the side of safety discard the baby toy. Babies under 4 months respond visually to baby toys with high-contrast graphics, so look for baby toys with black-and-white patterns. After 4 months choose babytoys in bright primary colors, or opt for a toy with both black-and-white and primary colors. At around 6 months babies learn to really grasp objects, so reward them with small, easy-to-hold baby toys that respond to their efforts with pleasant sounds, colors and textures. As baby  learns to sit up, stacking rings and soft blocks are an excellent choice to entertain and teach, and will be used well after the first birthday.There is a huge selection of quality baby toys available online for that special little baby in your life. Browse the merchants on grand home design site for your convenience and gain access to all your baby toy needs.