I passed it off as an unlucky purchase. Certainly, there had to be snake-oil variants, and I clearly had taken one. I did more research before buying the second one, I bought it and I used it – still nothing! Several months and a couple hundreds of dollars down the line, I began to lose faith in the possibility of finding a brain supplement that actually works.

With every failed try, I grew more skeptical. Surely, the possibility exists that the mental process can be enhanced by supplements.

geniux review

It then dawned on me that maybe, just maybe, I had been searching at the wrong places. I had been drawn to try products that were no better than placebos with sweeteners mixed in, because of sleazy marketing. I began to check the websites I had purchased supplements from, the sales talk, the reviews and other related information.

After checking these, I found out that I had been handing my hard-earned money to charlatan websites and companies that simply rode the wave. To them, brain supplements were just another way to rip off unsuspecting buyers.

I had been unsuspecting for too long. If I wanted to find an effective supplement, I had to enhance and then turn on my ‘scam radar’ to detect these scam websites and companies from a mile off.

On one hand, I was disappointed about the wasted time and money: On the other hand, I felt more certain I was finally onto something.

Was Geniux another scam brain supplement? Was I finally onto something? Was Geniux the brain supplement I have been waiting for? Will I finally be able to strike another listing off my bucket list?

Let me walk you through how I weighed the pros and cons of Geniux and what my overall experience with this product was like. Basically, you will read my geniux review and also what exactly I experienced during this period.


One of the lessons I have learned after checking countless websites and sales content of brain supplements is that it is very important to read the lines carefully. Also, it is just as important to take the content you read with a grain of salt.

When I scanned through their entire sales page and did not see any mention of the “wonder” geniux ingredients that supposedly made the product “great,” my fraud alarm went off. I will be fair though, it is a bit of a gamble to provide the ingredients to a product that may not have been patented. Competitors have prying eyes and critics can actually make a big fuss about a substance they know very little about.


Understandably, both are bad for business. But not having an ingredient at all is an extreme that did not seem right. I certainly wanted to research the ingredients to verify if they were safe for consumption.

According to their official site Geniux ingredients are 100% natural and pure. This sounded like another piece of exaggerated sales-y punchline with nothing to back their claims. Nonetheless, I held off, refusing to judge the entire product solely based on the controversial exclusion of ingredients on their info page.

Can Geniux Team Identify The Problem They Plan On Solving?

By no means am I mentally challenged. Nor am I looking for a magic brain booster to help me get a 2400 point SAT score. So, if a sales page was making outrageous promises while not being able to identify the problem they plan on combating, then I had no reason to stay on that page.

Unlike the many obviously fraudulent websites that did exactly as I described in the previous paragraph, Geniux went full length to explain the problem they were trying to combat. The Geniux brain supplement was designed to stop brainpower loss.

In fact, starting out, Geniux pointed out that loss of brainpower was not actually a problem. It is a perfectly normal phenomenon, which virtually everyone experiences as the years count by.

According to available information, humans begin to experience a steady loss of brainpower from as early as 20 years of age. The consequences of this loss include:

Amnesia (forgetfulness)
Memory loss
Difficulty in maintaining concentration
Less energy
Lack of motivation