Real Estate SEO-Fundamentals Explained

Would you link to see your real estate website show up closer to the top spot while doing a Google search? Are you wondering what a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) expert can do for your website? If you are interested in any of these questions, you are sure to be interested in this article. Continue on to discover the 4 steps that a real estate SEO company can perform on your website to improve its ranking on Google.You may want to check out Real Estate SEO for more.

Typically, one of the first steps any SEO company will perform on a client's website is to generate back links from other high quality websites. Back links are simply links from other websites that point to your website. The most important ingredient in this step is not how many back links you have, but the popularity of the websites that you are linking from. For example, if your website is featured in a major news article, it is considered to be of a greater value by search engines like Google, compared to a back link from a typical person's personal homepage. It is normally very difficult to get a back link from a very high quality site unless you are willing to pay extra money.


The next step a real estate SEO company will carry out involves generating what are known as "meta tags" on your web pages. These tags are simply keywords that are placed within the pages of your website and are easily recognized by search engines. These keywords are used to describe what your page is about, as well as who the author of this page is. Each individual webpage will be given its own meta tags. You may be interested to know that some search engines (like Google) do not place much emphasis on any particular website's meta tags. However, many search engines do care about what meta tags are used when they are ranking websites.



Next, the SEO company you have selected will go through each individual webpage and carefully insert keywords that you are trying get a high rank on Google (and other search engines). It is important to not select too many keywords, or insert keywords too frequently, as doing so will cause search engines to lower the rank of your website. Any grammar mistakes discovered during this step should be fixed quickly as search engines may take these mistakes as a sign that your website is of a low quality, or even possibly a computer generated spam farm.

Finally, one of the last fixes your SEO company will perform for your website is to make sure that all of the links contained in your site use descriptive keywords. For example, generic links such as "page10.html" will be renamed to contain relevant keywords, like "upscale_homes_in_Boston.html". Whenever someone searches Google for these keywords that are contained in your link, your website will have a better chance of showing up higher in the results page. With all of these great changes made to your real estate website, you are sure to experience a significant boost in page views in the near future!

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