Welcome to Merwin King's page

Hi, my name is Merwin King and I would like to invite all of you to come on in and read about my books which I have just got published.  I am an artist that has always enjoyed drawing and painting since I was little.  I grew up on a farm in Nebraska and even tho I was busy with the farming as growing up, I still had plenty of time and desire to draw and paint.  In my books you will find drawings which I drew by hand and placed in the books. 

     After drawing these different drawings, I realized that writing a book to go with the drawings would be the greatest thing to ever do.  After all, each of my drawings contains a story behind them anyway, so why not put words with each of my drawings.

   Here on my web page I will tell you about my books and where you can get your very own copy of the books.  After alot of  other publishers not accepting my books, I had found one publisher that would soon make things turn around,  each of my books are available in soft or hard cover.  I have two books out titled "The Portrait of Laura" and "Branded".  I will be updating this page to let you know when you will be able to get your copies.

 Here is a summary of  "The Portrait of Laura"

  Laura is a writer and is on her way home on a train when she meets David, an artist and a young military man who is also on his way home from the war.  Laura has no idea what may lie ahead of her when she arrives home.  David is intrigued by Laura's writings and her desires for life. 

Laura arrives home and still wonders about David whom, she had just met.  Where is his shop?  What does he like to as a hobby?  Will she ever meet up with David again?

  When Laura is kidnapped, David is bound to help and save Laura.  Soon Laura's question will be answered when she ends up in the arms of David.




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