Aquarian Foundation? Theosophy? BEWARE!!!

Aquarian Foundation? Theosophy? BEWARE!!!

After dedicating over 20 years of my life & giving tens of thousands of $, performing many services & difficult sacrifices to these causes of the so-called ‘Masters’, I have learned a number of things the hard way. I have learned that the ‘Masters’ have no intention what-so-ever of ever helping anyone to master & ascend or to permit them from doing so if they seem able to achieve it on their own. I have learned that they have no intention of ever helping anyone to approach or understand God or initiate anyone into God, but will instead initiate people into their own warped criminal empire collective of absolute tyranny where the initiate will have to surrender their freewill & judgment forever as a part of the price for admission. I learned these truths the hard way & learned that if you have something they want, they will not permit you to quit or leave Aquarian Foundation & will resort to criminal tactics & even depravity if you try to leave them or their Church – I learned all this because it all happened to me, & after about a year & half, it still is.




I am a medium & believed I was serving God by serving as a medium for the Masters for more than 20 years in their church the Aquarian Foundation. Not long after Master Kumara passed away the Masters made it clear to me that they were unhappy with those who assumed control of their church & felt they had lost control of it. Being a loyal student, I offered to help & offered to work for the church at an administrative level in order to facilitate reform. I placed few conditions upon my offer, but a key one was that I would not surrender my freewill, this is of great importance as it became such a key issue. The Masters pretended to accept my offer as presented & began unofficially training me through my mediumship to work for them in their church without ever formally accepting my offer or hiring me or designating me in anyway & communicated that they wished to make me into a trance medium for themselves & Kumara in order to work through me in this way to reform their church & restore it to themselves. From the moment Kumara approached me from the spirit world until the last time I saw him he was joyless, loveless, hard & always bullying in everything he said & did. Over a period of approximately 2 years of so-called training I came to realize that there was but one goal, one object to his purpose & that was the complete domination of my will, my judgment & my mind. This was particularly outrageous in light of the fact that I had made this point a condition of my offer of not surrendering my freewill to them & these scoundrels presumed to ignore this fact without communicating their contrary intentions – this is not honest, this is not honorable. This fact in itself is despicable. It would take far more time & energy than I have to spare presently to outline any of the many so-called training exercises, suffice it to say that when they succeeded in bullying me into a kind of unquestioning submission to their authority regarding the administration of their church – one of extremism that surpasses anything ever dreamed of by any military because it involved constant surveillance of virtually every personal thought of mine.  I actually arrived at a willingness & ability to perform under such extremes out of the sincere belief that it was in service to God & God’s Plan & trusted that the Masters wouldn’t press for such extremism if it wasn’t absolutely necessary. I actually arrived at a willingness to accept this – but strictly in regards to professional concerns – only things that were job related. This was not good enough for them.  It was at this stage of the training that they started crossing the line – they were not content to exert such fantastically stringent extremes regarding my professional relationship with them – they started applying this BS to personal & private areas as well. Kumara would actually monitor my private thoughts & deliberately find things to disapprove of & when he disapproved, it was punishing & ugly. When I realized that he had begun to disapprove of things that did not have any bearing or relationship to my professional relationship with him & did not bear any moral impropriety either, but were merely private opinions or feelings, I began to realize that he was not merely ‘policing’ my thoughts & violating my privacy, he was up to something far more despicable – he was deliberately & systematically tyrannizing every corner & facet of my being by conditioning me to be in fear of punishment from his disapproval at any moment, in any area of my life or mind, without rhyme or reason in order to intimidate me into submitting my will entirely to his will without question or resistance; & again, he sought to achieve this monstrous end through fear, pain & intimidation.




Everything I’m telling you is real & true & it was only the beginning of the nightmare. Words like psychotic seem hopelessly inadequate to articulate the monstrousness of this kind of behavior - & all this from a so-called ‘avatar’.  When I realized that the Masters had in fact disregarded my condition of not surrendering my freewill to them & were in fact working secretly & dishonorably with Kumara to commandeer it, I was outraged & horrified that they could violate me & my trust so despicably. Despite all this I was in desperate fear for God’s Plan failing & did not want to withdraw from helping to save it because the more you become involved with the masters, the more you’re made to feel that the fate of the world is in your hands personally & that if you sacrifice less than everything you have, that you’re putting the planet & humanity in mortal jeopardy & I restated my offer to help the Masters with a number of conditions clearly articulated in writing & with an expiration date. This document was communicated effectively to them. The expiration date came without comment by the Masters & in their typical fashion, they disregard what they don’t like & acted as if it does not occur & proceeded to bully & punish me as if I had deserted my post or something even though they had never formally or officially accepted my offer or even hired me – remember, all of the so-called training was unofficial & had declined to accept the offer I had made to work for them. The bullying quickly escalated to threats & punishment that became increasingly menacing & wicked & the bullying took on the form of actual beatings that resulted in real & increasing pain for me mentally, emotionally & physically. They have been administering these beatings daily since that time up to & including the present. They have escalated to life threatening intensity for over a year & several months now & require constant vigilance & great exertion by a small handful of spirit guides who love me & are determined to protect me.

I realize that this is a lot to accept simply on the word of someone who is a stranger to you, but I can offer some metaphysical & intellectual proofs of the spiritual & moral insanity of most of the so-called masters that are famous within the Aquarian Foundation & of Theosophy. Koot Humi & El Morya were very famous & very proud of their teachings regarding spirit-matter as the most primary basis of the universe including the inner or spirit planes as well as the most fundamental basis for consciousness & life & its origins. This is all fine & good except that their interpretations are insane. They claim that because the matter part of the equation is utterly void of spirit, void of consciousness, that a basis of amorality exists in this void or darkness & that because of this void of morality, that the universe itself is amoral – that it is void of morality as having any basis or presence within the fabric or nature of reality & existence. This line of thinking seems to have some compelling virtue because it seems to convince great numbers of students & masters alike – despite the fact that it is horseshit & self-evidently insupportable as having any existence within reality.




The proofs for my assertion are self-evident & everywhere present – the seeming amorality of matter is a kind of moral neutrality that can only occur when matter is not in association with spirit or consciousness. K.H. & M. direct their student’s attention away from the spirit part of the equation. Spirit is the root of what we call consciousness. All consciousness can experience pain & will forever be concerned with minimizing & escaping as much pain as possible. Morality can be understood as an outgrowth of this primal & eternal concern of consciousness & as such will always be ever-present in some form in any consciousness that is able to exist & function as consciousness to any degree – even if it can see no further than itself, because even in this context, consciousness will still want to govern its actions in such a way as to minimize or escape suffering. This rudimentary desire to minimize & escape pain becomes morality when consciousness realizes that this desire is the desire of all consciousness which can only be fulfilled when all consciousness cultivates this regard for the security & well-being of others as well as for itself. Put another way, most of the fundamental forms of self interest become objects of group interest when 2 or more souls interact; such as security from bodily harm – no soul wants their bodies harmed or violated. When the lives or activities of 2 or more souls interact or overlap, this regard or desire for security & safety from bodily harm enlarges & evolves from an exclusive form of self interest into being an object of common interest as well & so the concept of a ‘common good’ becomes apparent & to act with regard for the prevention of bodily harm for all souls  is the same as acting purely for the self interest form of this concern, thus to govern our actions with regard for the common good is as much a representing of self interest as is any other personal concern because it makes it possible to rise from the level of jungle law & enable civilization to function in it’s place where personal security in many fundamental forms becomes a common concern & a common cause. Nothing that we associate with civilization can function without morality in this context & every attempt to avoid or withhold this type of moral regard in our actions has a destructive effect upon civilization & virtually everything we hope to obtain from it. This is a woefully over brief review of morality, but sufficient for the present purpose – anywhere where consciousness is functioning, there is regard for minimizing & escaping suffering & this rudimental form of morality  associates morality with all functioning of all consciousness everywhere & thus morality absolutely is everpresently associated with consciousness & spirit & therefore, all parts of the universe occupied or influenced by spirit will always have morality associated with that presence & more. Wherever spirit is involved with matter, the moral concerns of that spirit or consciousness will extend to that matter according to that matter’s involvement with the functioning of consciousness. Think of tools for an example. A tool of itself will seem utterly amoral – void of any moral principle, yet if a tool is used by spirit or consciousness to perform a moral or immoral act, it then is brought into association with that moral action regardless of its seeming innate amorality & therefore, the matter in these tools absolutely becomes directly associated with moral activity & therefore it’s innate amorality is nullified & rendered meaningless & irrelevant – the seeming innate amorality of these tools does not create or ordain an amoral environment - or universe.




The seeming ‘amorality’ of matter becomes increasingly self-evidently irrelevant when we realize that we are not matter – we are the spirit part of the equation that is ensouling matter & as such, are subject to the nature & characteristics of spirit. We are subject to the limits & influences of matter to a large degree, but never to the exclusion of the characteristics of spirit, particularly the desire of spirit to continue to live & to minimize & escape all suffering as much as possible. Matter is forever external to spirit & alien to it & as such, it is as absurd as it is insane to forget that spirit has its own nature & to look to the soulless void of matter for guidance or design for how to regard spirit or how to order or cultivate it. Spirit needs to be cultivated according to its own design & needs & wants.




The proposition that the transitory amorality of matter defines the nature of the universe is as absurd as it is destructive – it is a horrible philosophy because it suggests that amorality is a part of nature & at the core of the universe’s nature. Again, this view is only plausible when we look at the physical aspect of reality & disregard the spirit or living parts as if they have no existence or meaning – as if the living portions of the universe are not part of the universe - life does exist, does have presence with matter in the universe & does have meaning & spirit & life like matter, absolutely do have their characteristics & influences which they impart to things outside themselves. The kind of warped thinking regarding the transitory amorality of matter that ignores the spirit & life part of the equation suggests that only the dead matter part of the universe has existence & meaning & more horrifically – that everything else is inferior & subservient to it. This kind of warped thinking regarding the transitory amorality of matter that ignores the spirit & life part of the equation also breeds countless evils & errors in human consciousness & judgment – it undermines & diminishes our very humanity by weakening our moral conscience & it undermines that which moves us to compassion for others or regard for the common good & it chills our very souls with the horrific suggestion that the universe is a cold blind uncaring unfeeling machine without purpose, value or meaning to which all living things are to bow in submission & subservience. Again, these are horrific errors & lies – everywhere where there is spirit or consciousness there is meaning & value & purpose & no where in the universe is there matter that is not associated with spirit or consciousness, thus the nightmare vision conferred by K.H. & his moron students of the universe being an amoral machine is a hideous lie that harms every soul it touches in countless ways because it suggests that morality is artificially created, that it is unnatural, unnecessary & not required.




Despite the endless debates about what is right & wrong & so many interpretations of what morality really is & should be & so on, at the base of the idea & truth of morality is an all important truth, & that is regard – heart-felt regard for other people, beings & things. Morality is an expression of human decency & regard for what is good, what is beautiful, what is important & regard for how important it is to not hurt or harm anything that can feel pain & regard also for preserving things of value & importance – morality stems from what is best & most human in us. To suggest that morality is unnatural, unnecessary, trivial or unimportant is to attack & diminish what is best & most human in us all & even worse, it is to discourage the cultivation of that which is best & most beautiful within us.






Another proof of Koot Humi & most of the Masters spiritual insanity is a spiritual proof that is very simple. If amorality truly existed in the manner these morons who masquerade as Masters propose & thus enables the warped proposition that immorality can be legitimized & that moral concerns can be minimized or utterly dispensed with when found to be obstructive to what a Master wishes to accomplish; who then, who would want such a thing to be true? Put another way, if God & Reality really did contain & grant a ‘license’ for immorality – a license to bypass & dispense with all regard for the effects of our actions upon others & upon reality – who would want to obtain such a license? Who would want to believe in such a thing? The only things such a license would grant permission for to a moral & loving person are those things that love & morality detest & forbid, so again I ask; who would want permission or authority to make those things that are detested & forbidden by any heart that loves anything in the universe? Who would want to believe such things & go even further & actually attempt to assign legitimacy to immorality & even to evil? Only criminals, sociopaths, tyrants & madmen desire such things & Koot Humi & Morya were very very proud of themselves for this deluded belief that they had proven the universe is amoral.




Yet another metaphysical proof that God has never wanted anyone to surrender their will or judgment is the simplest of all possible common sense – does anyone ever act or create anything without purpose? Do you ever perform any act without a purpose behind that act? We might not always think out or clearly understand the purpose of our actions or the content of motives involved, but they’re always there. This is easily provable – would you ever do anything without any reason or purpose whatsoever? Wouldn’t this be a truly mindless act? Even acting on auto-pilot is a conscious choice to attempt to relax – this is a motive, a purpose. If exceptions exist, they are rare & do nothing to conflict with the present point, all action of consciousness is initiated as application of purpose & all purpose stems from desire in some form, thus all action ever taken is for the sake of fulfilling a desire in some form & the only sane desire or purpose worth acting for is for happiness – to create, sustain, protect or keep happiness – this is a primal & eternal truth that is self-evident to any who are willing to be honest with reality.




What we call ‘good’ is inseparable from what we call happiness – when something gives us happiness, preserves or saves our happiness we usually call it ‘good.’ Happiness can be defined as the fulfillment of being, the fulfillment of our needs & wants – that which is ‘good’ in the universe & in life is that which fulfills our need & want for happiness. The universe is created for this very purpose – there is no other sane purpose. God acts in the same way that we do – with purpose - & that purpose is always for the sake of creating good – everything that God has created out of spirit & matter is for this purpose, but God’s Concept of good is more vast than we will be able to comprehend for a very very long time, suffice it to say that as souls evolve in their conception of Divine Activity of Goodness, we discover & realize that love is the greatest of all forms of fulfillment & that the giving aspects of love are as fulfilling as the receiving ones & ultimately are experienced as one & the same & from that level of understanding then, God & His Motives become tangible – the universe is created as a place where He can give birth to us – as children - & virtually everything created is for our good at every level of evolution as well as His goal of guiding us to the ultimate discovery that love is the ultimate fulfillment, goal & activity. This is enlightenment. This is soul-realization. This is a cosmic & profound event in the life of a soul where they use the intelligence of their minds & the Light of their hearts to see God & God’s Truth & all giving nature according to that soul’s ability to see such things – it is an experience that is profoundly personal & intimate – it cannot be conveyed, conferred or achieved by force & it is only possible to a highly individualized soul that is independent of other souls & even independent from God in many ways.  No where in this scheme is there anything about surrendering of will or control – God loves us, gives us Life & Light & independence to see Beauty, Truth, Justice & Goodness so that we may partake of fulfillment therefrom – there is no taking on God’s part, only giving & guidance to ever greater fulfillment of being. Surrender is submission to slavery. Yes, there very much is a machine aspect & nature to the universe in its physical facets, but virtually every bit of this is turned to God’s Purposes of fulfillment of his nature & that of us, his children.




To surrender our wills to the machine aspect of the universe & its functioning is to enslave ourselves to the very thing created to serve us & to put it’s needs above our own – this is insanity. Those who do not know or love God or the true virtues of Beauty, Truth, Justice & Goodness seek their happiness & fulfillment in the darkness outside of these virtues & usually at the expense of everyone else. We see this stuff play out on earth over & over again where someone comes up with a political or philosophical or religious ‘solution’ & creates a vast machine called a government or religion or institution of some kind to facilitate the ‘great solution’ & as that artificial entity grows there is a tendency to give it more & more authority over its members or followers to the point where the organization begins to have more rights than individual people do & when this occurs, the members are less & less benefited by the ‘benevolence’ of the institution & are increasingly enslaved to it. When this evolves further, it reaches the point where the followers or citizens are expected to ‘surrender’ there wills & rights to where the leadership of the institution may commandeer anything from them at any time & not have to account for doing so. This is the present state of things in the inner planes the Masters have been entrusted with – they have lost sight of God’s Purpose for the machine aspect & have chosen to worship the machine over its purpose & it’s Creator.




Compulsory & forced participation in the machine serves the machine & those who benefit from administering it, but in ways that contradict the Divine Scheme & this contradiction harms the very souls the machine was created to bless. The universe is filled with laws that come from God, but the degree of participation in them & the appearance of being governed by them is already established for all time – no further ‘submission’ or ‘surrender’ is necessary or desired by God or any consciousness that knows & loves God. We are already ‘there’. Every natural law & Divine law is already in place & functioning perfectly & perpetually according to plan already. Wisdom encourages us to acquire understanding of natural & Divine Law in order to gain & preserve happiness by obtaining our fulfillment from reality by participating harmoniously with these laws without violating them – thus we experience the law aspect of reality when & where we interact with it & the results of that interaction determine our harmony or lack of harmony with it – there is no need or requirement for surrender or submission – in fact the very opposite is required – the only way we can live harmoniously & productively in an ordered universe is to learn the rules & develop our intelligence to where we can work with & use God’s Laws in the same way we work with & use the materials available to us to build happy & productive lives – this is the opposite of submitting our wills to God or the universe – God’s Intent is for us to operate the machine & its laws without violating them - not the other way around & the process of acquiring & developing the intelligence & wisdom involved is in fact at the heart of God’s Desire for us to develop & mature as souls who can function independently, ably & responsibly. There is a place for self sacrifice & spiritual maturity includes that virtue, but it is never to be forced, the real & proper form of sacrifice comes naturally to every heart that loves when the object of their love is in pain or peril. Like so many expressions of love, true sacrifice is not truly or entirely contrived, but springs naturally from hearts that love – this is the form God seeks & hopes for, but will never force or exact it from us, partly because God’s Love for us includes sensitivity & respect, but also because the love that God hopes to receive from us is love that is wholesome & pure & freely given – not overly contrived or forced, but natural & free, which is the true nature of love. Love that is obtained by force is not love, but a form tribute or taxation & God has no need or want for these. Love can only be love when it is freely given & we can not give anything freely unless our minds, hearts, judgment & wills are free & truly our own. God has given to us our minds, hearts, judgment & will & gently shows us the limitless opportunities to use them for good & increase in personal happiness without restriction regarding good – the only limits God has ever placed upon how we use His Gifts to us are in forbidding us to from doing harm – this is not a limitation that restricts our souls but a Light that enables us to understand that goodness & happiness have boundaries & to understand also the necessity of responsibility & an opportunity to cultivate regard & respect for others & the fragility of life & happiness.




The masters have attempted to warp all this. They are entrusted & empowered by God to serve humanity & have been warping this service into a kind of business arrangement where they expect worship, loyalty, & submission of our wills, minds & life energies & property as ‘payment’ or tribute to them in exchange for providing us with the very blessings God hired & trained & empowered them to give to us. They have been setting themselves up more & more as some kind of tollbooth between us & God where we have to negotiate with them to approach God & as I have said, they have been playing this against us more & more & more in ways that exact more & more tribute from us while simultaneously providing less & less of the blessings. This is the real reason for the frustrations & failures of Aquarian Foundation & Theosophical Society – the dysfunctional & criminal approach to God of the now insane Masters, not the shortcomings of the members of these organizations whom the masters have so often ridiculed & punishingly blamed for their own failures.






Most of the so-called Masters associated with Aquarian Foundation & Theosophy may be Masters of things like intellect, will, power & ability to exist & function upon the inner planes, but they are not Masters of Love or Goodness or Justice & if one reflects upon the truths I am sharing & absorbs the meaning of them & then returns to the teachings of these so-called Masters they will begin to see them in a new light, a light that exposes more & more glaring occurrences of callousness, cruelty & injustice & many many lies. In the more modern teachings there is reference to justice & rights, but they’re mostly lies to rope us in – these Masters do not believe in any kind of rights for humans – to them we are more inferior than food animals are to us. Many of them actually believe that they own us & feel no shame or need to conceal this fact. They like to think of themselves as benevolent dictators (Kumara actually used this term regarding himself) who bless us with their presence while they commandeer our freewills, faculties of judgment & property – when I said no to this process they immediately resorted to violence, torture & depravity to compel my submission & actually resented my resistance to their torturing me & felt I needed to be punished for this as well.




This situation has escalated into an all out war in heaven where most of the Masters known to us are on the wrong side & are fighting for absolute tyranny & dominion over humanity & are fighting for a world & spirit world where there is no respect among Masters for human freewill or rights of any kind & where Masters are free to interact with humanity without limit to what we consider criminal or even depraved behavior & where Masters are free to commandeer human minds & lives without restraint or accountability. They are actually fighting for these things. There are a number of sane Masters who are loyal to the Throne of God & are fighting for Justice & decency & the truth of freewill & Divine Love & they are winning, thank God. There have been many victories & advances for the Light, but the fight is not over & danger is still very real & I am still being attacked savagely every day. Many insane masters have been brought to justice. The first of these was Kumara – the founder of Aquarian Foundation – God will never forgive him for his depraved cruelty to me – he has been stripped of all his Mastery, powers & position & thrown back into incarnation with his terrible karmas & will never be trusted with power or authority ever again. Count Saint Germane has also been stripped of all powers, position & mastery & has been given a far greater punishment for his betrayals & depravity as have Koot Humi, El Morya, Odyessa, Rasha & even Sanet Kumara & many others.




I am deliberately concealing my identity from this writing which is done in August of 2006 because I don’t want to be tortured or murdered by deluded students of these so-called Masters. I think the more fanatical among them are capable of such things & for those who are attacking me savagely from the spirit world to employ their students in the physical world to aid them in their depravity would be consistent. It should be noted that any medium who claims to be channeling any of these Masters who have been stripped of their mastery & sent to places of punishment or into incarnation are either lying, deluded or under the influence of lying spirits because the beings they claim to be channeling simply are no longer there. If I live long enough I may prepare a detailed account of the many incredible & terrible events of this great tragedy for release after my death because there are many important truths involved that effect everyone.




In closing I want to dispel another lie that I take great offence at. The theosophical teaching that Koot Humi was Saint Francis of Assisi is a lie. Saint Francis is a soul who has been returning to earth for thousands of years out of love – not out of karmic or evolutionary compulsion, but out of love for God & humanity & has been rebuilding or cleansing or adding to his Fathers House each time. Saint Francis is the opposite of Koot Humi in every important area. Saint Francis has been working & sacrificing for thousands of years to help restore humanity to God & God’s Gifts & Graces & he has always done so as a liberator from tyranny, ignorance & greed. Saint Francis is also presently at the forefront of the war in heaven fighting with all his soul to free us from the tyranny of the insane & disloyal Masters & is not to be confused or identified with them. We can be encouraged also that God is lifting Saint Francis to a position beyond our understanding from where he will be able to fulfill his heart’s desire to liberate & lift humanity as never before.




Thank you for your attention to this communication. If you ask God sincerely in your heart regarding these matters, I trust that guidance will be given to you. If you are one of the many students of the masters who have been abused by them, please find the courage to tell your story to others in some form as I have in order to help spare them. To those sincere students of the masters who have worked & sacrificed for those causes, be encouraged that none of your labors or sacrifice were in vane – all that you did, you intended for God, God knows this & will reward you & lift you according to the merit of your labors & the light in your heart – you will not be cheated by the Masters abuses of your faith & devotion.




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