Clash Royale is only available for iOS throughout Canada, Hong Kong, Australia, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Finland along with New Zealand. We aspire to add much more countries and platforms within the future.

Currently its in a soft launch beta time period regarding testing, game balancing, as well as making certain servers may handle the load. once Supercell feels its ready for a global release, it will grow to end up being able to be available for a lot more players.


On January 5th Supercell announced Clash Royale, and also launched it about the iTunes App store regarding iPhone along with iPad users. Its nonetheless limited to select markets rather than open to download around the globe or even inside the United States, nevertheless it ought to turn out in order to be accessible soon.

Ever since the particular massive December Clash regarding Clans update, many Clashers are already looking for a different game thanks to consequently many changes. As Well As although Clash regarding Clans is actually even now certainly 1 of the actual very best and most well-known games, Clash Royale could potentially be stealing a few regarding those players within the coming months. When its accessible to lots a lot more people anticipate it to be any hit game topping the particular charts.

What is Clash Royale

As we stated above, Clash Royale can be a turn-based strategy game which combines card collecting in exactly the same time. As an alternative involving creating the village similar to within Clash regarding Clans, a person collect cards (and acquire more) to be able to degree up each and every character. Many of that are the same characters from Clash regarding Clans. Such As skeletons, goblins, barbarians as well as more. clash-royale

Each player will require a turn dropping both offensive or defensive troops according to where they might be inside the war. Its all about strategy. Through confusing the actual enemy, overpowering them, or just just outsmarting your opponent as well as obtaining the win.

Clash Royale Cards

Above we mentioned cards, which is some thing many players are usually familiar with from other games. Along With Clash Royale cards are generally to be collected, won, or purchased. Players can unlock new troops simply by acquiring new cards, and also duplicate cards will upgrade troops.

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One problem we keep hearing is actually when its released round the globe will current players become reset, as theyll possess a massive benefit more than others along with currently become heavily upgraded. the answer to which is no, simply no players can get reset, and nobody will have to start over.

The more cards of each as well as every character you've the bigger level they are, as well as the more potent associated with an attacker an individual become. Acquire a lot more battles, earn a lot more cards. and although its essential to possess lots of cards for several troops as well as spells to use at your own disposal during a battle, leveling all of them up is merely as important, if not more valuable pertaining to further gameplay. Many card video games tend to be confusing, but constructing your desk is extremely just within Clash Royale, one thing most enjoy.

Clash Royale in Android?

We already know the first question, which could be when will Clash Royale always be readily obtainable for Android. Sadly today Clash Royale is actually only obtainable on iOS, and also to make issues a whole lot worse its not really available within the United States.

So how would you acquire cards? Customers will must open up treasure chests that they earn through winning battles, investing coins, as well as acquiring gems to have more. An Individual can begin to end up being able to play with regard to free, or even invest real money to have more troops as well as upgrade all of them faster. Simply just like Clash involving Clans and several various other games. Its free inside a sense, however customers can level up faster through investing real money.

As anyone can see in the video higher than it may be slow at times, or extremely fast. Spells tend to be deployed such as troops, along with may be specific anywhere about the map including your enemys castle. This could are accessible in handy whilst attacking. Dropping a few spells about the castle close to the end to have the victory.

The changelog states practically 15 tweaks is likely to be coming, that is a signal that there's nonetheless plenty regarding updates required just before this game will be ready for any global release. at now the particular developers are even now attempting to obtain every thing right, make it entertaining regarding everyone, keep players through becoming too overpowered, and find a good balance.

Its a new fast-paced game and quite often users wont place down the necessary defense for you to protect his or her castle. Since the result, each side offers two towers with regard to extra protection in order to keep your game flowing until anyone get the hang involving it, take the turn, and choose which in turn card in order to attack with. or what troop you would like for you to use. You will find spells, arrows, skeletons, baby dragons as well as more. Every Small Thing is much like Clash regarding Clans, yet using a slightly different appear and feel. Then obviously your card-collecting and turn-by-turn attacking causes it for you to be substantially different.

For now merely select few people upon iOS outside of the US can enjoy this popular and thrilling new game, but expect tons associated with information in the coming weeks, or from the finish of February. We dont understand just how long it will take prior to its launched in the United States Regarding America (if from all) yet up to now it sounds like a game many individuals love, 1 which will be launched sooner instead of later. stay tuned.

The battlefield is split directly into a couple of sides, as well as users will battle by simply using turns and using cards (or troops) from their collection regarding cards. Customers may level up his or her troops as well as attacking skills simply by earning coins (in game currency) and purchasing more cards. The duplicate card upgrades the actual troop, rendering it more powerful. similar to how upgrades throughout Clash regarding Clans help to make giants stronger, hog riders more powerful, and also wall breakers blast by means of walls.

So far Supercell features created absolutely no official announcement relating to Clash Royale about Android. However, heading towards the forum the great deal of folks anticipate a complete release date within March. Providing your developers about 90 days to test it, then launch it for all upon iOS, along with hopefully about Android in the same time. Since soon as being a launch date for Android is actually unveiled, well update with all of the details.

Clash Royale Updates

This week the actual developers confirmed the major update is originating throughout early February along with enormous changes. An update will arrive next month using gameplay balancing and also card changes for you to greater than 10 different characters. Lowering the actual X-Bow, inferno, and balancing out the overall game like a whole. Getting an earlier release, they still use a great offer of function for you to do.


Clash Royale: How for you to Play

When a person play Clash Royale, youll want being quick. Unlike Clash associated with Clans customers come with clash royale gem hack an limitless availability of troops to be able to attack with, however you only may deliver 8-cards in order to just about any battle. Just Like any kind of card-collecting game, switching these out will be easy. Just tap around the new card or even troop, then tap the one you need for you to remove and also theyre switched out.


With Clash associated with Clans becoming this kind of success, the developers didnt wish to mess with a attempted and also tested system, as well as begin over. Since a outcome Clash Royale looks similar, and it is even now a new strategy game that will features many regarding the identical troops, characters, elixir, gems, mortars and more.

Build your current deck involving cards before the battle, pick whats strongest according to upgrades and acquire ready for any royal battle. Deploying troops to end up being able to protect your own Castle as well as attack the actual enemy expenses elixir, however it refills quickly. Troops can become placed anywhere in your side at first, but as you consider along the enemy facet troops can be deployed closer. Its all about strategy as well as generating the right path with their castle. Heres any hands-on gameplay video through Supercell themselves.

You earn the overall game by using out the particular enemy players Castle, or perhaps the two defensive towers that each and every player features from the beginning of every and also every battle. Getting turns and attacking expenses elixir, and also spells cost elixir too. However, it rapidly refills so that you wont become waiting 10 mins with regard to enough elixir in order to play, similar to a quantity of games available for mobile devices.


Its any similar but various genre that lots of love. Using your extremely popular concept of Clash regarding Clans and hitting another market segment to get a lot more users playing their own games. users could additionally acquire gems (with real money) that are able to always be spent on Chests, to get a lot more troops and cards, nevertheless more on that below.

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In early January Supercell, the actual developers behind the actual hit mobile game Clash regarding Clans announced a new spin-off game called Clash Royale. The idea isnt Clash regarding Clans 2, yet has lots of parallels although its a new different game. Clash Royale can be swiftly attaining popularity, and also below are several things players need to know.


However, Clash Royale is actually a turn-based card collecting strategy game. Comparable for you to Hearthstone or even Card Wars having a little League of Legends mixed in. Its basically any turn-based version regarding Clash associated with Clans having a really fast pace plus a similar appear along with feel. Heres what you have to know.