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We offer a Pay It Forward option, so it will cost you nothing to earn your money. But as with every member you will need to invite two members to get your Matrix Going. 

We will help you earn some serious money here and this will require some regular contact with you. Through E-Mail Skype or our FB page. So if you are ready just click the link and sign up and leave the rest to us.

                Daily Freedom Challenge The Start Page

All payments are made in Bitcoin.

You will need a free Bitcoin Account, i use Blockchain but of course this will depend on where you live. you will need to put in the payment link from your chosen Bitcoin Account.

Then you will need to be able to draw out and spend your money. For this you will need a visa card available from Wirex and that again depends on where you live. You will have to create a secure account that will allow you to transfer your Bitcoins to your card in the currency where you live then your money can be withdrawn from any ATM.If you have a system in place then you have nothing to do.