Hostgator vs iPage Hosting Comparison

Gone are the days when there were only a few web hosting organizations in the market to choose from. With the rise of so many hosting companies it has really become a challenging task for the webmasters to choose the right one. A wrong decision can prove to be harmful for both the website and the goodwill of the company as the performance of a website considerably depends on the web hosting service it is making use of.

Presently we have chosen two most well known hosting service providers namely HostGator and iPage. It is true that both the companies are quite popular at present and enjoy much veneration in the web hosting arena and this is the reason for us to choose them. Now we will try to evaluate the worth of each in terms of three most crucial web hosting factors – Website load speed, Server Uptime and Quality of Customer Support.

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Website Load Speed

Load Speed of the website is considered to be a very important factor to determine the credibility of a web hosting provider. Therefore we conducted a test to check who performs better in this respect. The test was performed on several websites that are hosted both by iPage and HostGator. And as per results HostGator performed much better compared to iPage. Websites running on HostGator responded faster displaying an average load time of 1.8 seconds whereas in case of iPage it was 2.4 seconds.

Server Uptime 

This is the second most important criteria of an efficient web hosting service. To crosscheck it went through the uptime reports of both HostGator and iPage monitored for several months. And what we found out is that HostGator performs exceptionally well in this tests and did not suffer any noticeable downtimes during this phase. It scarcely moved below 99.99% in any time whereas iPage performed a bit poorer and lagged behind HostGator in this test. Therefore it will be considered to be a noticeable downside of iPage servers on which the company must work on diligently to offer its customers more value for their money.

Customer Support

A responsive customer support is an essential feature of a good web hosting service whose credibility largely depends on how fast and effectively it resolves issues faced by the users. And in order to address the most complex and critical issues the web hosting team must be equipped with highly experienced technicians. Thankfully HostGator boasts an extremely efficient customer support team available 24/7 to the customers. And they take least possible time to fix an issue.

Unfortunately iPage seems a laggard in this area. Their support team is friendly no doubt but not efficient enough to solve an issue within the expected time. They are quite slow to be precise. The live chat system takes up more than 10 minutes to initiate which is not at all desirable from the support team of a reputed company. They must be more responsive and quicker when the users are blocked with issues.

Final Verdict

Considering both HostGator and iPage under the light of three most crucial factors it is evident that HostGator is the winner of the game.

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