How to Identify a Termite Queen?

If you live anywhere in  south United States, or in any other tropical or subtropical location, It is possible that you've listened to a lot regarding the termite trouble. Termites are a type of social pests, definitely known for eating timber, and also are responsible for causing a whole lot of damages to residences.

Nevertheless, they do not just consume timber. Termites are in fact a vital part of many ecosystems, because they eat all type of dead plant material, including leaf litter, dirt, as well as various other materials, in addition to timber. Probably ten percent of the four thousand termite types are those insects that create a lot of damages to forests, plants, and also buildings. However, other types of termites are accountable for recycling dead plant issue in exotic and subtropical areas.

Given that they're social bugs, you'll often find termites in colonies led  by a termite queen. A fully  mature termite nest can have several hundred to  million of  insects. You may find several egg laying termite queens in a single swarm.

When fully grown, main queens have a massive capacity for egg laying. This results in a termite queen who is  much larger compared to the other termites. The termite queen can't move about easily, so has to be attended by employees.