How to Write an Essay Properly

So, you want to write an essay for your college course or a magazine? Well, before you hurry up and panic, you should be looking at this first. There are various steps that you should follow in order to write a 5 or 6 paragraph essay properly. If you want to pay for a written essay online hope this tip will help you.


The first step is to think, think and think!!! You should also write down what you think. No matter how stupid it sounds, you should write down each and everything that comes to your mind regarding the topic of the essay. There are various strategies that you could use while you are in this step. Brainstorming is the most popular one which involves listing ideas point by point. Clustering is an activity which involves making small bubbles and filling it with points related to one big point in one big bubble at the center. Freewriting is much like brainstorming, just that you write paragraph of ideas. These are the most common ones which have to be used in order to properly start an essay.


This step includes making a rough draft out of the point that you have written. You first write down all the relevant points, next select the best points and make a draft of it. This will enable you to see clearly the content missing, the errors and what you could do to make it look better. In this step, you should be forming small paragraphs just to make it look organized and also for you to clearly see what’s important. You are ready to move to the next step now.


Now that you have you draft right in front of you, it’s time for you to read the draft aloud. You should be having enough points organized into paragraphs in order to do this. You should also make changes to the draft by rearranging the paragraphs and probably, even combining them.


After you have finished revising, it’s time for you to make final editing. This step includes adding new content and removing the content that is not required. You should also be checking the grammar of your essay. The punctuation of the essay should be appropriate, verb tense should be correct and even the spellings should contain no mistake. Also, your sentence structure should be fluent. It’s time to give a title to the essay that you have just written.


Now that you have refined your essay through various steps, your finished product is ready to be shown to the whole world. This could be done by submitting the essay to your instructor or publishing it in the magazine. You could also use it for your blog or share it with your friends on the internet.

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