The Difference Between LA Night Clubs and the Best Clubs in Hollywood

The difference between LA night clubs and the best clubs in Hollywood is that you cannot find what get in the best clubs in Hollywood anywhere else. And the reason the hottest spots are all condensed within Hollywood's few blocks and 1 zipcode of 90028 is just because that is where the most nightclubs are and always have been.

Because of that they crop up in their rotation of 'hot' times usually upon their opening months and then specific nights. An alternative to going out in Hollywood 90028 is Sunset Strip on Sunset Blvd. The Sunset Strip has historically been the spot for club hopping, stars, bars and rock and roll.

The reputation of Hollywood nightlife and also habits of clubgoers both make it an area nearly impossible to compete with. Asking a Hollywood clubgoer to go to Beverly Hills for a night just a few miles or blocks away is like leading the horse away from water. You will probably lose the the bar hopping crowd.

If you love la nightclubs or going to the best clubs in Hollywood you know you need to live near Hollywood. By living in Santa Monica you give up being a nightclubbing "LA Scenester".

They could always hit LA night clubs, but there they will not find famous fashionistas, musicians, celebrities, special performances and more. In the best clubs in Hollywood you will find this and more on a nightly basis whether a Monday or a Friday night. LA night clubs are fun like any club in any other city, and nothing is wrong with that nuvids.

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