Welcome To The Wonderfull Life Of France

               Geography of France
       The absolute location of France is 46N, 2E.
       The relative location of france is western Europe,bordering Bay of Biscay and the English channel.
      If you want to know the highest point in France, it is Mount. Blanc.  one of the lowest points in France is the Rhone river delta.
      The climate varries through seasons throughout the year.
                Goverment of France
            The full name of France is the French Republic.  The capital of France is Paris, of course. The major language of France is French.
             The head person of France is Prime Minister Francois Fillon.  The year France achived independence was in 1958.
                Economy of France
             France has a currency that is called euro.  It is .7345 dollars every US dollar.  Natural reacorces in France are coal, iron ore, bouxite, zinc, uranium, antimony, arsenic, potash, feldspar, florpar, gypsum, timber, and fish.
              Some major crops in France are wheat, cereals, sugar beets, potatoes, wine grapes, beef, and some dairy products.  Major industries in france are machinery, chemicals, automobiles, metallurgy, aircraft, electronics, textiles, food procecing, and tourism.
              Major exports in France are machinery and transport equipment, aircraft, plastics, chemicals, pharmaceutical products, iron ore and steel, beverages.  Germany 15.6%, Spain 9.6%, Italy 8.9%, UK 8.3%, Belgium 7.3%, US 6.6%, Netherlands 4%.
               People of France
          An ethnic group is a group of people who share some languages, history, religion and some phisycal traits.  France's ethnic groups are Celtic and Latin with Teutonic, Slavic, North African, Indochines, Basque minorities.
         France's religions are 83% Roman Catholic, 2% Protestant, 1% Jewish, 5% Muslim, and 4% unaffiliated.
By: Joey Stanford, shirly Troug

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