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Steps To Follow For A Bathroom Renovation

To redo his bathroom involves rethinking the layout of the room taking into account its physical constraints (eg: presence of a window, location of water arrivals ...) and improving the practical aspects (optimization of the room). lighting, choice of flooring and anti-humidity wall ...). To remember nothing in the renovation of your bathroom, we have listed for you the main stages of such a project:

1. Think About The Layout Of Your Bathroom

The bathrooms are often small: it is important to plan the optimization of the space.

See examples of bathroom layout patterns for:

  • Fit a small bathroom
  • Think of a family bathroom
  • Design a large bathroom

2. Organize Your Work And Plan Your Budget

To redo your bathroom, you will have to organize your calendar and anticipate the necessary budget. Here are all the points of attention to make your life easier:

  • What style of decoration (and the range of materials used)
  • Integrate the fees of an architect, an interior designer or a design office
  • Define the intervention and coordination of professionals
  • Determine the schedule of work and a guide to plan it

3. Choosing The Floor Covering

The flooring must be able to withstand the humidity, but also the detergents used to clean it. Various materials can be chosen: tiling, mosaic, vinyl, laminate flooring ... tiling is the most common.

4. Wall Coverings

The choice of the wall covering (tiling or painting) is not only an aesthetic choice: if your bathroom is not open to the outside (no windows), that you can not ventilate, and / or that ventilation is not sufficient, tiling will be more suitable to avoid the appearance of moisture and mold. It will however be more expensive than painting.

You can also opt for a mix of wall tiles at 2/3 height and paint, or paint an existing tile .

5. Installation Of The Elements

This is the time to put your bathtub , shower , labavo , WC block , with the corresponding plumbing fittings. This is also the time to pay attention to the joints (check that they are waterproof) to avoid unpleasant surprises.

6. Lighting

The lighting of a bathroom is important for your well-being (especially for bathrooms without windows), which is why manufacturers are making more and more products available to modernize the lighting during your renovation. , among which :

  • Recessed ceiling spotlights
  • Rail spots on bathroom furniture
  • Wall sconces to be glued or recessed
  • Natural light thanks to a skylight
  • The illusion of lighting by mirrors

7. Finalize The Renovation Of Your Bathroom: Installation Of Accessories

Some details of arrangement, a touch of originality or color in a coating, a decor harmonized with sanitary fixtures are enough to make your bathroom a warm room.

Many small accessories can liven up the decor and make an effective contribution, though discreet. It would be very unfortunate to botch the finishes of a major project. The quality of the finishes is in a way your personal mark.

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